Imran Haque’s Contribution in Horizon Internal Medicine

Imran Haque is a respected medical internist in Asheboro, North Carolina. He is a productive scientist at Horizon Internal medicine. The organization is dedicated to providing quality health care to the people of Asheboro and its environs. Besides Horizon Internal Medicine, Imran Haque is affiliated with different hospitals, Randolph being one of them. Dr. Imran boosts of over 15 years of experience in extensive medicine.

Educational Background

Imran Haque joined Universidad Iberoamerican University (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo for his medical degree. He graduated in 1998 with a honor. Years later, the doctor took advanced medical training at the University of Virginia. As a student, Dr. Imran Haque focused on delivering quality medical service. After graduation, he was able to earn a medical license that allowed him to practice.

Dr. Imran Strength

There are many reasons why patients choose Imran Haque for professional advice, and here are some of them:

  1. Credited Facility and Licensing

Logically, a patient will look for a medical facility that is accredited and has licensed specialists. Horizon Internal Medicine and Imran Haque assures this. The doctor is very dedicated to his job as he goes beyond the call of duty and oversees his patient’s recovery process.

  1. Competent and Result Oriented Doctor

The doctor’s relationship with his patients has led to his outstanding record of performance. Imran Haque enjoys spending time with his clients. He deliberates on the patients’ concerns as he successively walks them through the treatment process.

  1. Strategic Location

If you are from North Carolina, you must know Imran Haque. With close proximity, the people of Asheboro and surrounding can fully access both the facility and Imran Haque.


Imran Haque is a qualified medical professional. At the Institute, he is known to be effective in treating diabetes, epilepsy, and Pneumonia. With over 15 years of medical practice, the people of North Carolina are fortunate to have this doctor within.

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