Meet The Founder, CEO, CCO, and Owner of Neogama – Alexandre Gama

     Few professional advertisers and communicators have experienced careers as successful as Mr. Alexandre Gama, earning a plethora of awards in the past two decades, taking part in important organizations around the world, and operating his very own agency in Neogama.

Neogama was founded in 1999 after Mr. Gama had left Young & Rubicam, having served as the successful advertising and marketing agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Creation Officer, and even in an administrative role as Member of the Global Board, all of which started in 1996.

Prior to joining the ranks of top-tier advertising agencies like Young & Rubicam, Alexandre Gama went through a long career. Let’s dig a little deeper into his past, and what molded him into the revered businessman and entrepreneur he’s known as today.

Mr. Alexandre Gama earned a spot at Standard Ogilvy & Mather, a “triple threat” public relations, advertising, and marketing agency, starting in 1982. Already a highly established media relations agency, Mr. Gama truly lucked up by finding himself such a position. Fortunately for Alexandre Gama, he performed as well as anybody else – if not even better – as he remained within the ranks for a total of eight years as a copywriter and content idea creator.

After moving through two other agencies in the early 1990s, in which he had earned more words than any other Brazilian advertising executive from 1990 to 1994, Mr. Gama finally found his way at Young & Rubicam. This position truly capped off his career, giving him all the knowledge he needed to succeed on his own with Neogama.

Alexandre Gama is often involved in cinematic events, such as the Cannes Festival. Since its inception in 1999, Mr. Gama has received a whopping total of 23 Lions, some Golden, some “plain Jane” lions. Either way, Alexandre Gama is truly one of Brazil’s top advertising professionals.


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