DIY: Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting

Bring your friends and neighbors together for a tailored social event that’s always classy, because – ‘It’s wine’.

Start with a theme.

Feature wines of a specific area of the world. Comparisons, such as expensive versus more affordable versions is always an interesting focus. Featuring popular historical wines. Your theme depends on you or the tastes of your guests.
Your theme will require some research to prepare the wines as intended for best flavor. You will also give some background, this adds additional interest to the wines, and motivates your guests to make purchases based on taste, but also other facts and attributes.

Prepare your supplies

Plan to stock 3 bottles of each chosen selection, depending on the number of guests. Choose no more than 5 different selections, to not overwhelm the palate.
Consider renting, or stocking small, identical Bordeaux glasses. Each guest will use a separate glass per sample.

Table dressings should be white, but if you are presenting colors it should be solid-colored cloth without embossed designs.

Unflavored bread sticks or water crackers are suggested as palate cleansers.
Spittoons can be coffee mugs or opaque plastic cups. Also include a large bucket as a spittoon dumping receptacle.

If you are having a blind taste test, relabel the bottles by number. Just wrap or bag each selection, and attach a number.

Create the Mood

Be mindful of the senses when preparing the atmosphere. Promote the wines by maintaining an organic atmosphere. Props such as scented candles or incents will affect the senses; therefore, effecting their tastes of the wines.

Table Setting

Each place setting will consist of the required number of glasses along the top of a plate of bread sticks or crackers, a small notepad and pen, and a glass of water. The large bucket will be placed at the table center.


Serve wines according to color. Start with the lightest. Begin by serving you guests in the left most glass and pour up to 2.5 oz. per serving.
Discuss the color, then rate the aroma by swirling the glass on a smooth flat surface. Encourage participants to do the same. Then smell the wine, by placing your noses deep into the glass. Sip and hold to determine the body fullness of this selection. Have your guests rate the after-tastes, take notes and compare.

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