End Citizens United Role In Maintaining The Rule Of Law

James Bopp is the founder of End Citizens United. He has been working to ensure that the organization succeeds. At one time, Mr. Bopp was laughed at when appearing before the federal judge. All those present in that court including the judge and jury laughed at some of his submissions. The counsel appearing for End Citizen United was pleading with the judge on why his client should be allowed the rights to play a video. The one and a half hours film were featuring the former Democrat presidential candidate, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. The content of the film was about the campaigning procedure alongside other procedures of running elections.

The film focused on Hillary Clinton as a ruthless and western schemer. Once the film was released to the general public for viewing, the authorities placed a caveat on the production, distribution and displaying of the video. The authorities concentrated on the length of the film to discontinue further activities revolving around the video. The film was therefore declared too long to serve the intended purpose.

Bopp acting on behalf of the End Citizen United was aggrieved by the federal resolution to ban the video according to theatlantic.com. He, therefore, went ahead and lodged a petition at the US federal court. In his arguments, Bopp submitted that the film was no different from the usual sixty minutes movie. The judge upon hearing the comparison burst out laughing together with all those present in the court. Bopp was pleading with the judge to invoke the first amendment rights of the content creators before the caveat could take effect.

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The federal judge in his final determination, ruled against the End Citizen United line of argument. Still determined to seek legal redress, moved to the Supreme Court to challenge the decision of the lower court. And two years later, no one was smiling when the apex court overturned the conclusion of the lower court. Under the doctrine of stare decisis, the apex court had made a case law on how funding in campaigns should be done.

After the decision, James Bopp and his organization the End Citizens United is determined to make sure that all the campaign laws are reviewed. The agenda behind the change of law is guided by the letter and spirit of the constitution, the rule of law and the desire to uphold the underlying bill of rights.

The End Citizens United is determined to change the various laws that are made in very obscure and sloppy cases. The firm has invested in research, and they are committed to ensuring that they win on every aspect of the fact that they file. Despite the various achievements that the firm has achieved, James Bopp argues that the company will not stop until all the unfavorable laws are repealed.

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