EOS Lip Balm: Hydration Plus Aromatherapy Packed In a Fashionable Orb

EOS lip balm is a natural, organic moisturizing product that appeals to all ages. With the “free-to-be-me” generation sporting tattered holes in their jeans, and green streaks in their hair, this is a popular fashion statement for healthy lips. Ultimately, it’s healthy.


Is the Aroma Therapeutic?

Yes, this product brings joy to life. If you’re into the sweet scents of soft candles lulling you into a peaceful state of meditation, how about some blended sweetness of honeydew or grapefruit to moisturize your lips? Experiment with the new vegan crystal flavors, and jump for joy. Pop off the top of the pastel-colored sphere and the fragrant product is ready to use.

There is no manipulating a stick or dipping fingers into a tiny plastic pot, ultimately, the exposed, egg-shaped ball is ready to use. Additionally, with the healing ingredients of shea butter and vitamin E, it glides on to moisturize your lips.

One treasure is never enough for the fashion conscious. How about choosing a holiday kit with vanilla bean, sweet mint and pomegranate or a limited edition. You may buy these amazing lip balms here on https://www.amazon.com/EOS-Balm-Sweet-Smooth-Sphere/product-reviews/B0021YV3CW.


Crayon-Rocks or Lip-Healing Orbs?

Just as the smooth, polished, pebble-shaped crayon rocks, which were successfully designed for tots that found an art stick difficult to maneuver, the round-shape of EOS lip gloss fits easily into any palm. Additionally, the ease of actual application makes this a popular favorite. Hit this!


Is It Gender Neutral?

The answer to that question is yes. Accordingly, all lips that need specialized care benefit from this proven organic formula that works to heal and maintain healthy skin cells. It’s a winner all around, see also usmagazine.com. Moreover, it easily crosses the age barriers. Retirees enlist the help of EOS hydrating lip balms, also. It’s all about fashion today, and EOS moisturizing lip-globes remain at the top of the list of glamour favorites.


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