Fabletics: Staying At The Top Of The Fashion Industry

When it comes to activewear and leisurewear, there is no company quite like Fabletics. The brand has consistently tried to stand out in the industry and has implemented some of the most ingenious tools to help boost their overall sales and customer base. The brand was founded by Kate Hudson. Hudson teamed up with entrepreneurs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who are the owners of TechStyle Fashion Group. Putting her fashion sense to good use, coupled with Goldenberg and Ressler’s grasp over the industry, the three were able to start a company that is now taking on some of the biggest names in the activewear segment. The brand was founded in 2013 and today has grown to be a multi-million dollar brand.


Fabletics is one of those few brands who march to their tune. With every new fashion season, Fabletics seems to be doing something new, that no one else is doing. They have redefined the entire shopping experience that customers would traditionally have, and have made it far better than any other activewear site out there. They have made the shopping experience efficient and a lot more customer friendly, which is a route that not a lot of brands seem to be taking. This has enabled them to stand out and grow extensively in such a short span of time.


One of the things that Fabletics stands out for is their extensive collection of clothes. Kate Hudson is known to be a fashion icon with a keen interest in maintaining personal fitness. She is the embodiment of the customer base that Fabletics had in mind, and was able to give women all over America the kind of clothing that they would want to wear when engaging in any fitness activity. The brand tries its best to stay at the top of the competition by implementing fashion that is straight off the runway, and not available anywhere else. Time and again, Fabletics has been the one to put out activewear fashion before any other brand has been able to.


In the early months of 2017, Fabletics decided to bring another celebrity on board to help them with their collections. This time, it was singer/actress Demi Lovato, who is also a big believer in maintaining personal fitness. The collection received an incredible response from people all over the country who were already active supporters of the brand and brought on several new customers as well. The collection was entirely designed by Demi Lovato herself and included some of her favorite activewear styles with inspirational lines from some of the songs from her most recent album that was published the year before.


Just like all the other brands in the TechStyle Fashion Group, Fabletics too functions on a membership system. Customers who want to purchase from the brand are encouraged to opt for the subscription plan that they have in place, which allows them to receive sets of activewear every month, depending on the plan that they choose to go in for.



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