Jack Yasatine: A Financial Voice That Can Be Trusted

     Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing as well as a writer.  In his last article, Yastine believed that the rising debt is warning to this bull market. He goes on to say that he was correct in saying that oil prices would rise after being 40 US dollars during the summer. This rise in prices could be a sign that the market could go from a bull market to a bear market. The rise of oil prices will affect consumer pricing and will also be a factor in changing the market.

In an article entitled The Cost of Gasoline, Yastine wrote that in 2008, other kinds of loans made up 21 percent of Americans’ total debt balance. Now, loans to finance cars, colleges and credit cards make up 30 percent of the total debt. These debts will be a factor if the oil price continues to rise.

He wrote two articles about hackers. The first article just talks about a new powerful new toll that could be used to fight hackers. This new toot is an app on a person’s phoned that will act as a biometric password. A person uses his or her eye as a password. The second article talks about what companies are trying to do to battle hackers. His first example is Well Fargo offering smart phone phone apps that offer voice, face and eyeball biometric algorithms to gain access to their important data. Other banks are offering the same services. Biometric cybersecurity seems to be the future in fighting hackers.

How does Yastine know so much about the financial markets? It comes from being an investor and financial journalist for 20 years. He worked for the PBS Nightly Business Report as a journalist and anchor from 1994 to 2010. He did a number of stories on growth stock, large company small-cap growth stocks and many other financial stories. He did an investigation into the poor, inadequate infrastructure system of the United States and won an Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting for his efforts in 2007.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Yastine continues to provide good financial information to the people.


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