Clay Siegall Wants To Take Seattle Genetics To New Levels

Seattle Genetics has managed to do something most biotech companies have not. It has created a number of antibody drugs and the results are amazing. People are looking at an entirely new way of treating cancer using the body’s natural defense mechanisms. The antibody-drug conjugates are giving patients a new and much more effective way to fight disease. If these continues to go forward Seattle Genetics is going to bring forward and entirely new way of thinking about cancer. The CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall, is behind all of this success, but he isn’t alone and he wants to bring more into the fold.

The Antibody Defense System

Nobody would dispute that the body has a natural defense system perfectly capable of handling the vast majority of tasks. It’s so effective the body can actually reject drugs it needs and end up ruining the bodies of patients. To prevent this Siegall developed a way to insert drugs into the body using antibodies. It’s so effective it allows the body to accept medicine without the reactions that are often seen by many who need cancer treatments.

The Idea Takes Off

The antibody-drug conjugate has gone even in further in terms of getting people the help they need. There are now investors who want to do everything they can to make the dreams of Seattle Genetics a reality and there are others who are interested in the future projects of Clay Siegall. If this continues the potential for medicine is going to be vast. We may actually see a new age of drugs that specifically use the immune system to boost their effectiveness and provide patients with a quality of life they have never seen before.

The Future Of Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics has a future going for it. The company has made so much progress and continues to impress with new releases that improve vastly upon their initial workings. People clearly wanted this and it seems that Seattle Genetics is doing a good job of providing innovation in medicine long sought after in today’s market.

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