Matt Badiali: A Natural Resource Investment Expert

     Matt Badiali is known for his work as an investment consultant on natural resources. He is a trained geologist who graduated at Penn State University with a BS in Earth Sciences. Matt later attained his Masters in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. Matt is however not limited to the trained profession. He has established a large following for his articles that have led to his recognition as a writer.

Matt started his career working at an oil drilling company where he developed many skills in the field. Matt was dedicated to growth and expanding his knowledge which led to his role as an editor at Stansberry Research. Matt has written for the company since 2005. His articles reach writers across the globe through his contribution in the Stansberry Resource Report. His greatest accomplishments working as a writer has been the opportunity to travel and document firsthand information. His work involved many travels to various destinations that included mines and oil drills.

While working at Stansberry, Matt was able to visit countries such as Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong and Iraq among others. This provides him with great exposure to metals, oil and gas. He conducted research on crops and metals and was able to conduct experiments where necessary. Matt’s articles enabled him gain recognition from companies, other experts, and prominent personalities. He has met important people in his travels who have been instrumental the success of his research works.

Matt currently works at Banyan hill publishing as an editor for the company’s monthly issue. He provides his readers with information on natural resources and advices them on the best investment ventures. He encourages his readers to take up new investment opportunities and outlines the advantages of owning important metals. He also conducts forecasts in the prices of crops and metals and advices on future trends. His subscribers have benefited from his work aimed at growing the industry and encouraging the conservation and proper utilization of natural resources.

Matt shares his articles on on metals to invest in. He reviewed the prices of platinum and palladium used in the automobile industry. The two metals have been on demand since they act as catalysts in cars. He encourages investment in platinum due to its stable prices and its decreasing supply in the market. Matt notes that platinum will be an important commodity since it is widely used in diesel cars.

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Posted by Matt Badiali on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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