Million Dollars Donated By Bob Reina To Help Tampa Bay Humane Society

Do you find yourself picking up every stray cat or dog you come across? Is your home taken over by animals because you find yourself bringing each one home? If so, you are just like Bob Reina. Are you familiar with the name? If not, you might be familiar with his business. Talk Fusion is Bob’s main company. In his spare time however, he is always helping new strays in the area.


During a annual gala held earlier in the year, Bob Reina wrote a check to the humane society for a quarter of a million dollars. This check was to help them to support the strays that are brought in each year and to help future residents of the humane society. Then later in the year, Bob wrote another check to the same humane society for three quarters of a million. In total, Bob has donated over a million dollars this year to the Tampa Bay humane society.


It is Bob’s hope that through his contributions, they are able to build a vet clinic that will be low cost for animal owners to be able to bring their pets to that do not cost nearly as much as a vet would. The low cost is hoping to make it so that more pet owners are able to provide follow up care for their pets as well as to providing a low cost spay and neuter program to pet owners. When you are unable to care for your pet like you would, you feel bad for whatever they are going through and in some cases, this can be a life and death situation.


When Bob has came across people who were unable to provide the right level of care for their pets, he has went out of his way to help the owners. He helps them out anonymously to prevent them from feeling as if they are unable to care for their pets on their own. In some cases, it is beyond our control as to what we can afford to give to our pets. When this does happen, it is nice to know someone like Bob Reina is out there helping us out. Learn more:



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