Sussex HealthCare achievements in offering excellent healthcare and remedies to the elderly and people diagnosed with mental problems

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in the year 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He went to Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental school, University of London. After graduating in the year 1975, he started to practice his career in England. His interest in the health sector and entrepreneurship landed him in volunteer work in established institutions such as Aga Khan and Ismaili. Dr. Shafik has significant experience acquired in Ismaili community Institution where he coordinated 16 principle areas of the organization. He is also responsible for Aga Khan Development Network Programs and Ismaili communities institutions based in Central Asia.

Dr. Shafik co-founded Sussex Healthcare together with Mr. Shiraz Boghani. Sussex Healthcare is a healthcare support center. The organization is independently governed and located in West Sussex. The facility mainly focuses on providing homes for the elderly diagnosed with mental sicknesses such as Dementia, neurological issues and people with physical and learning disabilities. Sussex Healthcare has provided excellent services to its patients for over 25 years and served more than 300000 people. The health center offers services that are customized for individual patients. People who get access to Sussex Healthcare facilities are privileged since they can participate in the community by working and acquiring higher education.

Sussex Healthcare has played a great role in maintaining the autonomy of the elderly as they age. The services offered are designed to maximize the intellectual, physical and social capacities of the people served. That indicates clearly that the older people can lead a healthy life and get access to the social and health care of their choice. Sussex Healthcare recently developed a new service for the people diagnosed with autism and younger generation suffering from physical and learning disabilities as they leave school. The healthcare is well equipped and operates 24 hours under highly trained and experienced staff, specialized gym, an emergency call team and holistic therapies that are fully programmed. The GPs also regularly visit the care center and are always available on call. The facility accommodates a maximum of 10 people on the ground floor with a large sitting room, dining area fully customized with IT and games room and also a kitchen.

Sussex Healthcare has also played a significant role in providing excellent services through motivation of workers. In the year 2015, Sussex HealthCare awarded level 5 higher diplomas in professional practice in social care to 6 workers. The workers who were awarded the degree were ranked according to their assignment done where 50% was based on their work in the Health center. Level 4 workers were allowed to Register for Managers Award to achieve higher education qualifications for them to enroll for BA degrees.

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