Nexbank Capital Inc. Completes Placement of Its Subordinated Notes

Nexbank is a financial services firm that is based in Dallas, Texas. It serves diverse clients, supporting their goals and providing solutions that ensure that their needs are met. It was able to finish a multi-million dollar ($54) placement of subordinated notes to various investors in 2017.

The revenue generated from the closing was to be used to achieve the firm’s goals

Nexbank Capital, Inc. subordinated notes

The offering of the notes, which closed in September 2017, was solely overseen by Sandler O’Neill & Partners. They are irredeemable for the next five years and come with a fixed interest rate of 6.375%. Due to lack of registration under the Securities Act, it is illegal for them to be sold or offered in any state in the United States. This is unless they are registered or are excluded from the Securities Act’s registration requirements.

The company that was started in 1934 has achieved a lot over the years. It has been ranked as the 11th largest financial institution in Texas. It has more than eighty employees and has expanded to three locations. It specializes in three core areas namely commercial, mortgage banking and institutional services.

Commercial banking

The company helps its clients to access funding, enabling them to run their business operations successfully. It also works together with real estate developers to finance construction projects and exploit business opportunities. Their aim is to promote growth, maximize profits and improve efficiency.

Mortgage Banking

Nexbank provides new or extra warehouse lines so that their customers can better close their loans. Their team of professionals provides customized solutions to meet the individual wants of their clients. If you are a mortgage professional who needs any financial assistance or advice, it’s a good place to start.

Institutional services

It also provides services to other financial institution that need to grow. These include revolving lines of credit and tailored depository services. With their help, nationwide institutions are able to increase the productivity of their individual treasury operations. They are also able to maximize the income potential of their assets.

With the closing of the subordinate notes offering, Nexbank Capital Inc. now has $283M of debt and equity as from 2016. The firm is also a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) member.

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