Securus Technologies and the Growing Significance of its Wireless Containment Systems

Prison authorities around the globe see access to contraband cell phones by the inmates as one of their biggest challenges to prison security and efficient incarceration experience. I notice that when it comes to the United States, it is becoming the single biggest challenge of the authorities in the recent years. Considering the reported cases of prison officials being attacked by the gang members of inmates are showcasing the risk factor the contraband cell phones raises. It is high time to discuss the case of Robert Johnson, who was a prison official with responsibilities of confiscating contraband packages in a South Carolina-based correction center.

He was with more than 15 years of experience in confiscating such packages but was brutally attacked and almost killed in 2010. I was shocked that he was shot at point-blank and received six blows in the chest and stomach. The reason the attack was he seized a package of contraband phones that was actually sent to an inmate just two weeks before the deadly attack. The inmate contacted his criminal gang members outside using a contraband cell phone, and they plotted an attack against Johnson. I was even shocked to note that such type of attacks repeated many times against prison officials and their family members many times before and after the Johnson incident.

These incidents showcase the need of the contraband interdiction technology and its importance in prison safety. Johnson, who is now part of Securus Technologies as a paid consultant, detailed the security issues of contraband phones to the Federal Communications Commission, this year. Interestingly, the Wireless Containment Systems of Securus found to be producing efficient results in controlling such illegal calls. As I noted, it is creating a network similar to a mobile network and controls the calls by a type of filtering method. It means that it allows known number calls while it blocks all unknown or suspicious contacts.

I noticed that the system deployed by Securus Technologies, WCS, is producing excellent results in controlling the contraband or unauthorized calls by the inmates. A recent data published by the company showed that the technology could block over 1.7 million unauthorized calls in just eight correctional centers over a period of a year. The biggest change in the sector is the adoption of a streamlined process by the FCC in accepting the technology by the prison departments with a strong focus on reducing the communication between carriers and the associated paper works.

I am sure that the change is expected to further boost the need for efficient solutions like WCS in the coming years. A large section of the general public also started demanding the elected officials to accept the technology for enhancing the prison environment in their locality safer as well as secure.

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