Businessman and Philanthropist Todd Lubar

There is always a unique and interesting story behind every successful person. The same can be said philanthropist and businessman Todd Lubar. He graduated from Syracuse University with a major in speech communication. His incredible journey through life led him to become the president of TDL Global Ventures. Here he leads a team of market professionals who are dedicated to providing the best service to its clients.

After graduating from college in 1995, he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He then left and started working for Legacy Financial group in Arlington, Texas. After an impressive performance with the firm for over half a decade, he left to seek more career prospects. He was offered a senior vice president position in Charter Funding. Todd has shown an amazing prowess in mortgage banking industry. Apart from his business empire, Todd Lubar currently owns a few other companies. Check out Yelp to see more.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar has over a two-decade experience in sector working in credit and finance. He has developed a clear strategy to enable people to achieve their desires and ambitions. The program is called RELIEF. Todd says that the only way to become successful in his line of work is by identifying his clients’ ambitions. Todd works with a group of people who have dreams and are not afraid of going after them. The journey to profitability was a long a tiresome one. Up until he was able to create a niche for himself in the industry people found it difficult to trust his business ideas. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar’s in a variety of transactions has allowed him to hone his ability to analyze risks involved in the loaning business. He has seen almost all possible scenarios involved in giving out loans. This experience has sharpened his decision-making skills which are primarily dependent on the market conditions. As the mortgage community started to experience adverse changes around 2007-2008, Todd decided to venture into other businesses. He currently owns a commercial demolishing company. Todd Lubar is a family man who currently resides in Bethesda Maryland. He has two children with whom he likes to spend time with and travel.

Co-Founded by Eric Lefkofsky Tempus Labs Addresses a Variety of Health Issues

Eric Lefkofsky is a lawyer by training holding a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. A humanitarian by nature he and wife Liz co-founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The LFF supports a variety of causes and organizations.

Arts and Culture-Steppenwolf Theatre Company and the Art Institute of Chicago.
Medicine-The Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Education-The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago. Eric serves as a Trustees for each of the organizations listed above.

An entrepreneur by profession Eric has co-founded five companies mostly in the field of business-related technology. Each company offers different services including funding for disruptive technologies, print and promotional solutions, logistics outsourcing, an analytics platform, and media procurement technology.

Three years ago Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus Labs. Working with the National Cancer Institute Tempus’ objective is to better treat current and future cancer patients utilizing data gathered during the treatment of previous cancer patients.

The system Tempus created collects, analyses, and organizes data. Algorithms are generated that enable clinicians to determine a course of treatment. The Image Recognition feature uses radiological images and pathology reports to provide greater accuracy in forming a prognosis.

The medical advances Tempus has made are not limited to cancer treatment. The company’s work in gene therapy and gene editing have created treatments for two diseases that were previously classified as “untreatable”.

Gene therapy has proven effective in treating a genetic anomaly that leads to blindness. Gene editing has been tested as a treatment for Hunter Syndrome an illness that affects the skeletal, nervous, respiratory, and muscular systems. The results are still pending.

Tempus has developed a program that uses collected data to treat eye disease. The algorithms the system generates could conceivably detect ailments of the eye with greater accuracy and at a lower cost than eye care professionals.

Smart Watches have been turned into medical devices through Tempus’ efforts. The FDA has cleared a smartwatch that monitors blood pressure. Blood sugar information can be sent to smartphones and watches via two recently developed glucose meters.

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Graham Edwards’s significance to Telereal

Graham Edwards has been the CEO of Telereal since its inception in 2001. He is an experienced manager, and he had worked in many institutions before becoming the CEO of Telereal ( Before joining Telereal, he was the chief investment officer at Talisman Global Asset management. Talisman Global Asset Management is a department of Pears FSA that was created to aid in asset management. Mr. Edwards was actively involved in the creation of this management arm. This firm today has an Assets under Management (AUM) value of over 1 billion Sterling Pounds.

Mr. Edwards is an Economics degree holder from Cambridge University. He is also a member of many accountancy related bodies. They include:

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales(ACA)
  • Association of Corporate Treasurers(AMCT)
  • UK Society of Investment Professionals(ASIP)
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors(FRICS)

Before becoming the CIO at Talisman, he was employed by Merrill Lynch Investment Management where he held the position of the fund manager. He has also worked at BT Plc. in the property department where he served as the head of finance.

Graham Edwards’s time at Telereal has been marked with numerous achievements. He is the brainchild behind the transfer of 6700 properties from BT to Telereal. This transaction was worth approximately 2.4 billion Pounds. At the start of 2009, Mr. Graham Edwards played a pivotal role in negotiations that resulted in the transfer of Trillium ownership from Land Securities Plc. to Telereal. This led to the establishment of Telereal Trillium, and the company has since generated massive profits. The company gets an annual revenue of around 1 billion Pounds.

Telereal Trillium is a company that was formed as a result of a merger between Trillium and Telereal. This was after Telereal acquired the rights to buy Trillium in lengthy negotiations spearheaded by Graham Edwards. The company deals with property management and investment. Trillium was created in 1997, and it was purchased by Land Securities Plc. in 2000. After the change of ownership, the company changed its name to Land Securities Trillium. In 2009, Land Securities sold its headquarters at Norwich for 134 million Sterling Pounds. In the same year, they also sold Trillium to Telereal in a deal worth 750 million Pounds.


Businessman and CEO Graham Edwards Telereal

If you’re unfamiliar with Graham Edwards, he is the CEO of Telereal Trillium, one of the United Kingdom’s largest commercial real estate firms. Headquartered in London, the privately held firm consists of a workforce of roughly 500 employees, all working collectively to manage a portfolio of 8,000 properties, see more ( Additionally, Telereal Trillium has worked diligently to establish fruitful partnerships with many of UK’s top-tier clients including the Department for Work and Pensions, Aviva, and BT (provider of business broadband and business phone services). As CEO, Edwards helped spearhead initiatives that led to a £2.4bn outsourcing deal, which added 6,000 properties, previously handled by BT, to the firm’s portfolio of properties.

Of course, Graham’s achievement did not end there, in 2009, he negotiated a deal that allowed the firm to acquire Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc, a commercial property development, and investment company. The acquisition not only resulted in the firm being rebranded as Telereal Trillium but also, made them one of the most sought-after firms in the UK.

When it comes to business, Graham Edwards is a venerable polymath; in addition to his work with Telereal Trillium, he is an active member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, based in England and Wales. He is also an active member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals, the Association of Corporate Treasurers, and lastly, a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. And, on those rare occasions, when Edwards finds a moment of free time, he conducts speaking engagements at Cambridge University. Of course, not being one to rest on his Laurel’s, Edwards still seeks out those opportunities that will result in personal growth. In fact, he recently began studying at King’s College London, where he is pursuing an MA in International Relations.

Prior to joining Telereal Trillium, Edwards worked for Merrill Lynch Investment Management, serving as a fund manager. In addition, he was the head of finance for the BT Group Plc’s property division, which would later help him secure the outsourcing deal with Telereal Trillium. So, needless to say, Telereal Trillium is most certainly, in capable hands with Graham Edwards.


Stream Energy – An Ever Expanding Company

Stream energy is a rapidly growing energy provider based in the United States. The company currently services Texas, Georgia, and states along the east coast. Through the use of directing selling methods through a multi-level marketing program, they have generated billions of dollars in revenue since the company was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. As the years have gone on, Stream Energy has continued to expand at a steady pace and shows no signs of slowing their expansion efforts any time soon.

What really sets Stream Energy apart from its competitors in the energy services market is their direct sales methods and hard working sales associates that bring the benefits of the product right to your front door. In an era where most business is now conducted through the internet in an impersonal fashion, having an actual person guide you through all the steps of purchasing a product and making informed decisions can be a huge and now uncommon benefit. Stream Energy and its associates do the best they can in order to make their customers satisfied, which is why they have recently been able to further expand their operations to Delaware.

As of Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 Stream Energy began offering all of its energy services to customers in the Delaware area. Customers are able to choose from either a 6 month fixed rate payment plan that is cheaper than any other competitors in the market, or a 12 month fixed rate plan that is also very competitive.

The expansion in Delaware marked the second state Stream Energy has expanded to in the year 2017. While the company currently offers its wireless and home protection services nationwide, they are still aiming to offer their complete package of energy services by expanding to one state at a time.

Recent upward trends in the company make 2018 an exciting prospect for Stream Energy, and they will no doubt look to make their energy producing operation even larger as time goes on.

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Jeremy Goldstein serves cellular companies on issues of monetary legality

Corporations struggle so hard to create a sustainable economic environment in spite of the fact that the transition has faced a myriad of challenges. As witnessed by Jeremy Goldstein who is an attorney practicing in the city of New York, the situation has a wide range of outcomes. More so, the incentives for employees and investors stand to lose. The experience that Jeremy obtained as he served in various leading organizations in the country such as Verizon, Goldman Sachs as well as Bank of America among others offered him the skills and expertise to provide advice on handling Earnings per Share (EPS). Also, he dealt with many other incentive-based programs in addition to providing awareness debate over the use of performance-based programs. Learn more:


Earning per share is a good thing for not only employee incentives but also to the shareholders. It is one of the most significant determinants of the stock prices thus influencing shareholders on making critical decisions about buying or selling of their shares. More importantly is that the program offers incentives firms to raise the amount that they pay per employee.


A recent study carried out by a team of seasoned analysts confirmed that including EPS in the overall pay structure at an organization has proved to increase the level of success of a company. Although one may quickly conclude that EPS has no challenges when included in a business strategy, the competitive nature of shares, as well as trading, can sometimes allow entities to pull EPS to a partial advantage.


The use EPS within a company can not only lead to favoritism, but also blind eyes turned to Chief Executive Officers of companies as pointed out by opponents of the program. They have a firm belief that the metrics do not provide collective control since it permits executives to access excessive power over whether or not the EPS metrics are being met. It can also affect shareholders since the top leadership could be skewing metric results to drive share sales- something believed to be misleading and illegal. Jeremy Goldstein recommended a way of holding executives and CEOS account for their actions instead of doing away with EPS.


As a New York University School of Law student, Jeremy Goldstein practiced in the city for many years before branching off to set up his practice referred to as Jeremy Goldstein and Associates, LLC. He partnered with many cellular firms, oil and petroleum companies on matters of financial compensation and legality.

Executive Appointments by Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a direct selling firm and a provider of services connected to life. The company was founded in 2005 and is located in Dallas. Through the use of direct selling, the company innovatively revolutionized the energy industry. For twelve years, the company generated over $8 billion. This led it to become one of the largest players in the worldwide energy market in terms of direct selling. Energy, wireless, protective and home services offered by Stream Energy work together to suit the consumers on-the-go lifestyles. The customers stay connected full time wherever they are. Apart from energy services, all other services offered by Stream are available nationwide. Currently, energy services are available in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington D.C, New York, Texas, Georgia Maryland, and Illinois.

Recently, Stream Energy celebrated the unveiling of Illinois, one of its most recent energy markets at Navy Pier, Chicago. Its independent associates, who are also its salesforce, enjoyed a fun-filled day that came with business training as well as company updates. One of the biggest updates was the addition to the sales team, Steve Fisher, the chief sales officer.

Other than being the most successful independent Associates, Fisher is also the founding leader of Stream Energy’s direct selling. He became one of the top earners of the company by achieving the topmost position in leadership of the company. Fisher has been Stream Energy executive team’s trusted advisor. Since then, many other successful independent associates have been mentored and developed by him. Fisher was an analyst of airport operations at American airlines before starting his Stream Energy business.

Joined by Ryan Morris, the vice president of sales whose appointment was also announced during the launch, Fisher will oversee field activities and operations of Stream Energy. This includes training compensation. Known for reaching the highest position within a record time, Morris is a top leader within the associate organization of Stream.

Larry Mondry, the CEO, and president of Stream Energy expressed his pleasure in welcoming Fisher and Morris to the corporate team. According to Larry, field representation and leadership are very vital for the success of Stream Energy and its associates.

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Business Mentor Glen Wakeman Assists Entrepreneurs and Executives Transform Their Ideas Into Businesses

Bringing together his talents as a communicator, an innovator and as a teacher, Glen Wakeman helps C-suite executives and entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Wakeman worked his way up the ranks at GE Capital, ultimately earning the executive management position of CEO of GE Money, Latin America, look at this. During his tenure, Wakeman crafted a successful startup involving 9 countries completely from scratch, that grew to more than 17,000 employees, generating over $2 billion in revenues. From these business experiences, Wakeman learned valuable lessons that he shares with companies, assisting them with designing plans to meet today’s business challenges.

After completing his Bachelors Degree in Economics in Finance at Scranton University, Wakeman went on to earn his MBA from the University of Chicago. Both degrees have proven invaluable in Wakeman’s professional career and to the businesses and executives he mentors and advises.

In describing his methodology for assessing the needs of a business, Wakeman relates his findings that many issues that exist between a company’s vision and the results they are producing stem from the gap between their vision and their plan. An idea is not a plan that creates results, Wakeman explains. He adds that the plan creates the infrastructure that supports the idea and makes it work in the business world, browse more info here.

At the core of Glen Wakeman’s strategy are 5 factors that he believes assist companies with increasing their effectiveness. Leadership Development, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance are the central areas that Wakeman offers strengthening strategies to his clients.


Wakeman’s Launchpad

To support his belief about the importance of having a plan, Wakeman founded Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad is an outgrowth of Wakeman’s key observation that most new business failures are the result of the lack of support that results from the activities that are necessary to make an idea into a business.

Launchpad is a software service that provides a comprehensive suite of guidance and assistance tools, providing entrepreneurs with a technology-based solution that helps them transform their visions into tenable business plans.

Wakeman’s Launchpad has been well received by the startup community, receiving startup community recognition for the thoughtful and anticipatory assistance it provides to materializing their entrepreneurial ideas, click now.


Felipe Montoro Jens Explains How PPPs Are Getting Public Projects Completed

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who is an expert when it comes to infrastructure projects in that nation. He recently provided his expertise when talking about what is called PPPs, or Public-Private Partnerships. Basically, it entails a transfer of assets from the government to private companies in order to get public infrastructure built. There are a number of states in the Northeast of Brazil that are pursuing this strategy as a way to get around restrictions that the federal government has regarding federal transfers while still getting needed projects completed in a timely manner.

In the state of Bahia, Felipe Montoro Jens explains that a PPP is being used in order to build their 19 mile long light rail vehicle project. This will be replacing a current train service that has become outdated. It will feature 21 stops and is expected to help 1.5 million people in their travels including commutes.

Two PPP projects are being completed in Piauí, he says. The first one is with a sanitation company that will dramatically improve the sewage network in Teresina, the capital of this state. Felipe Montoro Jens says that this network will expand from servicing just 24% of the city to 80%. By 2031 they expect that the entire city will have access to water.

The other project in Piauí is one that will increase the speed and access of the internet for residents. Felipe Montoro Jens says that a total of 1,500 access points will be installed all the way from the coast to the southern end of this state. It will be a fiber optic network and 2.1 million residents of Piauí will benefit from this project.

Eli Gershkovitch – Steamworks Craft Brewery Success

Craft beer has existed as long as there has been beer. The flavors, nuances, and variations have changed over the millennia but their popularity has never diminished. One such brewery, is Canadian Steamworks Brewery under the leadership of CEO Eli Gershkovitch.

As a front-runner in the Canadian craft brewery sphere, Eli Gershkovitch is not just an entrepreneur. He is also an accomplished pilot and a lawyer. Born on the fourth of July in 1975, Eli Gershkovitch has become a successful businessman and innovator in his forty-two years.


Steamworks Brewery

Brewmaster Eli Gershkovitch and his team of experienced and talented brewers have produced varied and full-flavored porters, lagers, ales, pilsners, and IPA’s. The brewery has been in business since 1995 opening operations in the historic Gastown brewpub. Once they took ownership and assessed the property, they discovered a unique steam system that had been used for heating.

When Eli Gershkovitch powered up the steam heaters and created the first product, they found the flavor of the beer to be exceptionally full-flavored and smooth. From their explorative beginnings, Eli Gershkovitch and his brewers have created an acclaimed brewery that receives visitors from all over Canada and beyond.

In the past decade, Steamworks Brewery, under the guidance of Eli Gershkovitch, began packaging their product. They ship to BC, other Canadian provinces and the United States as well as many central European regions and Hong Kong, China. Their steam-powered brewing has not changed from their humble beginnings, having become a popular alternative to other more modern methods, read more.


Brewmaster Eli Gershkovitch

There are competitions across the globe that invite craft brewers and other more mainstream breweries like Budweiser and Miller to present their very best. During these competitions, craft beers are taking many awards that had traditionally been awarded to the mainstream breweries. Steamworks. His easy-going personality sets Eli Gershkovitch apart from the typical Fortune-500 CEO, see for more. Though he is not stress-driven, he is customer driven. His economic strength comes from the idea that you either grow to meet demand, or demand for your product will shrink to meet your lack of growth. With this mentality, Gershkovitch has continued to develop innovation in production and flavor.

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