ClassDojo Is The New Top Free Education Communication App

ClassDojo is quite the hit in the education technology community because it’s doing things for classrooms that most wouldn’t consider an app of its simplistic structure able to do. It’s modeled after Facebook but is specifically designed to be classroom specific in its features and it’s become a big phenomena not only because it’s free, but also because it’s been spread through user reviews and word-of-mouth alone. The main features of the app are for posting photos of class activity and sending out the word of what will be happening in future class schedules. But it also has direct messaging that allows parents to get instant updates and teachers to talk with them directly.

While Facebook-style posts and instant messaging are at the top of ClassDojo’s platform today, it originated as a behavior reward system app that Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded back in 2010. They had gone directly to teachers themselves to ask them what could be done with an app to improve the flow of the classroom, and upon hearing their suggestions they used them to develop the early versions of ClassDojo. But the app soon evolved into the classroom social media and learning platform it is today because Chaudhary and Don heard more ideas about what it could become, and as the app added more meat to its structure, teachers and parents started using it as an alternative to the regular parent-teacher meetings from the past.

An additional feature that came to ClassDojo was a student growth video series that had animated characters learning how to study for subjects that they struggled in. Chaudhary and Don hoped that these videos would encourage students to persevere through tough subjects and grow and stretch their thinking. They also realized that with as much user data that was being stored on the ClassDojo servers, they needed to protect their users and make sure they knew they were thwarting hackers and not selling information to third parties. Due to spending no money at all on advertising, Chaudhary and Don’s team have been able to use all their capital for improving the user interface, and sometime in the future optional premium content will likely be added to the main app.

Whitney Wolfe Helping People Connect With Ease for Dating and Professional Purposes on Bumble

     People who are actively following the business news, particularly the tech industry and start-ups, would know about Whitney Wolfe already. She is amongst the top female entrepreneurs in the world today, and after leaving Tinder where she was a co-founder, Whitney Wolfe decided to build Bumble, a dating app that lets women make the first move. Whitney Wolfe is just 28 years now but has achieved tremendous success in only a few years of her career. Whitney Wolfe knows that it is essential that the dating apps to focus on giving something different to the users to sustain in a niche, which has been overcrowded for a while.

After Whitney Wolfe left Tinder with cold feet, her priority was women empowerment, and it is what led to the idea of developing a dating app that would allow women to contact the men first and not the other way round. It did sound awkward at first, even to her, but she knew that it is what the industry and its target audience want. Not only the rule of allowing women to make the first move filter out the abuse and the bullying, which has become a standard part of the online dating world, it would also help in the development of meaningful relationships, one that is valued. Whitney Wolfe recently married a restaurateur, Michael Herd, an Italian. Whitney Wolfe is often referred to by the popular magazines as the game changer in the dating business.

Whitney Wolfe recently launched Bumble Bizz, a professional networking platform that is a part of Bumble itself. It would allow members who are interested in professional networking to showcase their skills and work examples, and find new jobs or freelance projects, or just expand their professional network. Whitney Wolfe said that Bumble Bizz is not introduced to compete with Linkedin or any other professional networking site, but compete it will ensure that it can create a niche for itself. The best part about Bumble Bizz is that even though it is a professional networking platform, it is more casual in its approach. It is what most of the members are liking about Bumble Bizz, and the fact that in Bumble Bizz, only female members are allowed to contact first ensures that the members don’t misuse Bumble Bizz for dating purposes. Whitney Wolfe aims to keep Bumble a feminist app but also knows that it is a long way to go before it can fulfill its objectives to perfection.

Forex Serves As Lucrative Opportunity Through Netpicks Training

Between the stock exchange, cryptocurrency and Forex currency trading, there is certainly no shortage of opportunities to trade in an effort to make money. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, Forex/FX currency trading has shown tremendous upside for trading due to its volume and leverage sizes.

The Forex currency market allows someone in Oklahoma to trade the British Pound against the Japanese Yen against the US Dollar against the Swiss Franc. All in the same trading system. Utilizing many of the same technical signals used in stock trading, but also incorporating world news and scheduled news events, Forex runs 24 hours a day, five days a week allowing those who cannot trade within the traditional NYSE trading hours opportunities to still make money (

But where to begin with Forex? There is also no shortage of talking heads on YouTube willing to help you “make money fast” or offer you their “trading strategy that won’t fail.” Being cautious yet confident when entering the Forex market is key. Netpicks is one of those services that provides education and strategy, but also emphasizes the risk of every trade and the dangers of leverage.

The Netpicks YouTube channel has some great videos which serve someone just entering the market with videos such as “The Biggest CON in Trading” and “Trading with MACD” allow those to jump into the 24 hour market at any stage.

As the recent volatility in the stock market and crypto currency has demonstrated, there are major gains and major risks in trading anything of value. However, Forex offers a unique opportunity to trade currencies against other currencies. And while there is still plenty of volatility, leverage allows you to better go long or short on trades to help capitalize on those swings without worrying about the market cratering.

Netpicks also offers a trading signal service for subscribers to help get in on the key signs of profit in Forex. With a focus on “helping regular traders achieve success in the markets,” the Texas-based Netpicks is uniquely positioned to take their experience and leverage it against the latest technologies and analytics.

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There is money to be made trading currencies around the globe, but you should enter the market cautiously and with a service that you trust to give great signals and education.

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