Sasan McGalla Making A Move In A Male-Driven Workplace

Pittsburgh business woman, Susan McGalla knows how to be a success. At American Eagles Outfitters, she started at the low end of the totem pole and worked her way through the ranks until she was president of the company. If that wasn’t enough, she left American Eagle Outfitters to form her own company, P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she is Vice President of Business and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In an industry that is dominated by men, it is clear that Susan McGalla has made her mark.

Over the years, women have fought hard the find their role in the male-driven workplace. There have been plenty of women’s networks and incentives to assist in this effort. These strategies were put in to place to demonstrate that women are just as capable in executive roles as men. Yet, for some reason, these networks and initiatives are not working. Women still fill only 25% of executive positions around the world. Men are still dominating the business world.

Perhaps sponsorship can help. Women who are serious about their careers should find a sponsor to advocate for her. This sponsor should assist women in finding executives roles and encourage male execs to support more women in senior roles. This would defiantly help woman to move up the executive ladder as McGalla has.

Ms. McGalla was born in East Liverpol, Ohio with her two brothers. Her father was a local football coach. Thus, she has been dealing with male dominance almost her entire life. Growing up in this environment proved to be a tremendous benefit when she entered the workplace. After graduating from Mount Union College with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing, she began her career at Joseph Home Company. While president of American Eagle Outfitters, she launched the brands of Aerie and 77Kids. After leaving American Eagles Outfitters in 2009, she was appointed to the Board of Directors of HFF, Inc. in October of that year. In addition, she was named as Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Inc. After a year, she left Wet Seal to create P3 Executive Consulting.

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