Glen Wakeman graduated from Scranton University where he achieved Bachelor degree in Finance and BS in Economics. In Glen’s career he has held different positions for instance; CEO, president, director and even founder of various organizations like Nova Four and Launchpad Holdings. He is well known for his five confirmed procedure; aiming at risks, organizing, social capital, management capital and implementation in business. He is a prosperous writer and sponsor which has enabled him to motivate others. His experience in the marketing sector, working in more than 20 countries and more than 32 organizations, has encouraged other businesspersons and experts to undertake business.

Glen Wakeman claims that planning is significant. People usually fail in business because of their poor organization in spite of their noble ideas. People fail to understand the differences between organizations and plans. This made him look forward and started a software the Launchpad Holdings. He was also motivated by his interests to get answers to the problems affecting his clients. Having worked in various countries, he understands the issues that clients face it the field of business and their environments. In case he proceeds at this rate, Glen will be in the capacity to change the fate of the company.

In business, Glen Wakeman says that one should not expect to make a quick income at the beginning. It is progressive but always ensures that the target of the business is achieved. He says that his inquisitiveness helped him to succeed in business (Premiergazette). This attribute made him continue in spite of challenges, pioneering and also the strive to satisfy the needs of his clients. Being a writer attracted many clients to check on his products. Glen anticipates on keeping all friends and their records because they are the nearest clients to support an individual both in business.

Demand excellence and one can acquire it is Glen motto. This code helps him achieve his goals. The most crucial thing in business is understanding the challenges that are involved as this helps improve the quality and the rate of decision making in the industry. He advocated on teamwork.


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