How Dr. Johanan Rand Helps Patients Lose Stubborn Fat

Dr. Johanan Rand, MD, practices medicine in the greater New York City region. Dr. Rand earned his doctor of medicine degree at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and earned a certificate in anti-aging medicine from the Antiaging Medical Board. Since 2010 he has had a practice in West Orange, New Jersey, called Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He helps his patients lose weight and achieve the right balance of hormones.


What is HCG diet?

Some of Dr. Johanan Rand’s patients have been placed on HCG diets which he has prescribed for them. An HCG diet is for those who either need to lose a lot of weight or for those who have some stubborn pounds they just can’t get rid of. His diet works with the body’s natural instincts and so it is safe and effective. It also isn’t a fad like many diets, having been developed in 1954.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a hormone that pregnant women produce. It helps embryos develop and it has been shown to prevent muscle deterioration which often occurs when people are trying to lose weight. Dr. Johanan Rand says this diet works quickly and some lose a pound to a pound and a half a day while on it. Another benefit is that even though it is a low-calorie diet people still feel full which helps keep them from overeating (


Multitalented Doctor

Dr. Johanan Rand also helps patients who have acute and/or chronic pain. He uses a number of ways to help his patients depending on his diagnosis. This can include anti-inflammatory drugs, nerve block, epidurals, or steroid injections. He also performs Medical Acupuncture which helps some patients who have chronic pain, particularly in their backs.

In order to keep up to date on the newest medical developments Dr. Johanan Rand attends many medical conferences throughout the year. A recent one he attended was in Seattle, Washington. This was the Gaby-Wright Nutritional Medicine Conference where he learned about the latest rules regarding Intravenous Vitamin Therapy. He also routinely goes to Age Management Medicine conferences which can be attended both in person and through being a part of a webinar.



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