The Things That Tony Petrello and Family Do In Their Down Time

On a typical day in Houston, you will find the employees of Nabors Industries, a drilling company, spending their days working and enjoying the workplace BBQ pit. When the employees are not spending their down time surrounded around the pit, they can be found enjoying the onsite fitness center or simply enjoying a cup of Joe at the Naborhood Cafe. All of these places are directly on property of Nabors Industries.

Since the employees are treated so well, it would be of no surprise to learn about what is offered when a tragedy hits close to home. For instance, in 2017, the Nabors employees suffered a great loss during the Hurricane Harvey. When the hurrican made landfall, 10% of the Nabors family of employees were affected.

Following the hurricane, Nabors Industries offered their assistance to the employees. They held a fundraiser to help out those who were affected and CEO, Tony Petrello met every dime that the employees raised.

Tony Petrello knows what it feels like to have started with nothing and wants the employees of Nabors Industries to feel less burdened following the hurricane. When he is not helping out the employees of Nabors, Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia are helping to give back within in their community.

One place that the two of them spend a great deal giving back to is the Children’s Hospital of Houston. Tony Petrello and his wife welcomed their daughter Carena into the world when she was only 24 weeks pregnant. After the birth of Carena, the two were given the sad news about Carena developing a periventricular leukomalacia. This diagnosis comes as no surprise to some parents as it is quite common amongst premature infants. For the Petrello family, they had no idea what this meant.

In order to help others to fully understand, they offer their assistance to the local Children’s hospital. So far, the two of them have been able to donate just over $7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital. When they are not giving back to the hospital, they are giving back to their community through education. With donating a little more than $3 million dollars, the education system has been able to be improved because of the Petrello’s.

When the family is not helping out the hospital, the employees of Nabors or even their educational department, they are hosting big events. One event that they held recently was the welcoming back to Houston Broadway star, Tommy Tune.


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