The History of OSI Group

Foodservices are some of the most vital services in society today and it has been this way for a very long time. What would society do without this specific industry? Grocery stores, restaurants and schools depend on this industry to the highest degree. Have you ever heard of the foodservice giant that’s known as OSI Group? If you’re like most people, then you may have not ever heard of this company. OSI Group has one of the most dominating presence in professional foodservices. The company’s statistics are literally astounding, especially if you dig deeper into its past. This company has some of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world. These facilities are also spread out on a global level. Poland, India, Hungary, Canada, Japan, China, Ukraine, Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany are some of its many locations.

Just think about it for a second. OSI Group has been in business for over 100 years. It has also gone through many name changes that includes Otto & Sons and OSI Industries. When it comes to taking care of the entire logistical process, nobody does it better than this company. Processing, management, sourcing and development are all being handled to the most efficient degree. Otto Kolschowki, the company’s founder, started OSI has a meat market. This small meat market supplied the Midwest region of the United States with high-quality meats. This particular region of the globe has plenty of open farmlands that are rich in agriculture. The famous Carl Sandburg once said that “Chicago is the hog butcher of the world.” This statement is 100 percent true as there are numerous butcher shops in the Midwest and more

Cryogenics has also played a huge role in OSI Group’s success. Cryogenics allowed for meats to be transported for much farther distances without ever spoiling. Once this revolution came into fruition, the sky was the limit. As of today, OSI Group is a worldwide food provider, but who knows what the company will venture into in the years to come.

Sujit Choudhry Discusses Eric Holder’s Tweet

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned international lawyer who applies research studies to address different societal issues with the intention of helping citizens to live peacefully. Over the past few years, he has worked in various countries not only as an advisor but also a professor who lectures on legal matters. With the vast experience he has acquired from these different fields, he has learned how to communicate with different people from different societies. Therefore, that makes him an expert in legal matters, importance source (

Some of the research studies Sujit Choudhry focuses on include comparative law, semi-presidential, and democratic politics among others. Apart from that, he has also been using this research model to foster peace between communities. Not only has succeeded in that but also availing the same model for the people to use in their daily lives.

That said the world is vastly transitioning into a hub of social media gadgets. Not only are people handling businesses online but also addressing societal issues with the aim of finding solutions to problems. Even though that is a positive move towards finding solutions to problems, there are sensitive issues that should not be aired on social media, as posted on An excellent example of such an issue is a tweet by Eric Holder, an attorney who worked under Obama’s reign.

Recently, Holder posted a tweet about the dismissal of Robert Mueller. In the tweet, he stated that if Mueller is dismissed, Americans must come out in large numbers and riot in the name of justice. According to him, citizens must be heard, and that move would solve the situation. On the contrary, Sujit Choudhry thinks that Holder’s move is rather uncalled for, see ( According to Choudhry, there are better ways of handling the issue. Moreover, he is a trained and qualified attorney with extensive skills in handling legal matters. For that reason, he should handle the issues through the court. Sujit Choudhry adds that there is no point of inciting citizens to riot since he can use the court as the appropriate channel. Perhaps this is the right way of handling the situation because the legal system exists to deal with such issues, read more information

Upwork’s Solutions For Staying Organized

Staying organized throughout the day can be a chore for most people. Staying organized throughout the week can be a nightmare if you’re prone to procrastinating. If you’re like most people, then you’re probably not as organized as you should be. Notifications, texts, post-its and emails will multiple at an alarming rate if you’re not on top of your game. If you have an email, and you just so happen to ignore your email for one day, then you’re probably setting yourself back by two days. Yes, this is absolutely correct. Upwork, a freelancing platform for businesses, has some tips and tricks to help keep you organized.

  1. Store all of your tasks and important information in one secure place. Most people are very sloppy when it comes to staying organized. Post-its here and text messages there can manifest into a nightmare. It’s very hard to keep track of an abundance of information, especially if they’re not in one location. Try incorporating some form of managing software, which will help you separate all of the junk mail that’s lying around.
  2. Define your priorities instead of randomly choosing things to do. To honestly state it, your day will always have some kind of unforeseen circumstance that could throw-off your schedule. This is just the law of the land. One of the better things to incorporate into your day is a task priority. Task priorities will keep track of every task via its priority. Allocating more time to the most important tasks will help you become more efficient.
  3. Implement a batch process to help save time. A batch process will lineup all of your phone calls. This will definitely help you get through the process much faster. The same thing can be done with answering emails or checking notifications.

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The Chainsmokers are Relevant

According to the website, billboard, The Chainsmokers are still popular. So much so, that they are still pumping out fresh, new music! Their attendance at the 60th Grammy Awards proves that they still know how to create a beat, and how to turn their passion for music into a lifestyle of success, and popularity. The article goes on to explain how The Chainsmokers are playing to recent social media trends. More specifically the release of their new solo, “Somebody”, was posted to facebook. An explanation of how their music is really put together is attempted, while all I wanted to do was sit back and enjoy the music.

The Chainsmokers have been active in the music scene since their debut in 2012 according to their Wikipedia page… To be precise The Chainsmokers is an American DJ and production team, as their Wikipedia boldy states in the first sentence. Their current members are Alex Pall, and Andrew Taggart, also being reported by Wikipedia. Wikipedia also talks about several other factual, and pertinent pieces of information relating to the duo… The duo was originally made up of Alex Pall, and DJ Rett Bixier. Dj Rett Bixier was removed, and replaced by Andrew Taggart by The Chainsmokers Manager in New York City.

Wikipedia tells us that they scored their first major hit in 2014, with the release of their single, “Selfie.” After being asked about how the name of the duo, The Chainsmokers casually responded by saying that it may have to do with their penchant for smoking… The Chainsmokers have landed other major hits throughout the years 2012-2017. Most of their music is released in the form of EP’s at first, which adds to their success of their music once it is released to the general public. The Chainsmokers enjoy telling stories with their albums, and they like to keep things Fresh. Their latest projects, “Sick Boy EP,” and an upcoming studio album are sure to be a success as well!

Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is noted as one of the most influential Arabs across the globe. His company Damac has made him a billionaire with his wealth not slowing down any time soon. At a young age, he worked with his family’s business which taught him how to be a successful entrepreneur. He moved on to graduate from the University of Washington majoring in Economic and Industrial Engineering. However, during his school days, Hussain Sajwani, worked hard as a time-share sales person. This set the tone for him on whether he could make money for himself so he opened a business in 1982. He started his catering company only two years after graduating. It was a total success as he gathered up nearly 200 projects and landed as a leader in the market on a regional level. He began servicing areas like Africa and the Middle East.

He then set his sights on an opportunity many didn’t see in Dubai. It was the real estate market that was beginning to take off in the area. Hussain Sajwani decided to formed Damac Properties. Many note that it was the quick thinking of Sajwani that has made the company successful and making him a pioneer. He is credited with his strong leadership and entrepreneurial insights that helped the business turn ideas into realities. Damac Properties now has its footprint in locations such as London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and even Beirut. As of this date, they have 44,000 units in planning and have delivered over 17,900 homes. There portfolio continues to grow and makes them a serious contender in the global markets.

Hussain Sajwani also has a well known track record when it comes to investing in markets on the equity or capital side. His portfolio of investments include global and regional markets. A typical work day for Hussain Sajwani begins with meeting various members of his management and getting vital updates. He will also spend time with other business partners and the surrounding community. He believes its important to keep expanding and nurturing one’s network to be successful in business. Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) also makes an effort to stay balanced and spend time with family.

The Efficiency of OSI Group in the Foodservice Industry

The foodservice industry is rather astounding in a sense. This field of work is very profitable, is very exciting and is very demanding. There are a boat-load of food providers in the world today, but all of them are not created equal. On the other hand, OSI Group dominates the field in more ways than one. This Aurora-based wholesaler of foods is the quintessential foodservice provider of the 21st century. The company’s history dates back to the early 1900s, and it has gradually climbed its way to the apex of the industry. OSI Group also specializes in custom-food production. Yes, this is absolutely correct, and the company has a successful resume that documents its success.

So, what makes this food provider different than others? The answer to this question is very simple because OSI covers the entire gambit. This means that the company can harvest its own food, can develop its own food, can distribute its own food and can create unique food products. Can you name another food provider that can posses this much clout? OSI Group is also one of McDonald’s main beef suppliers. That’s right! This deal was worked out back in the 1960s. Thanks to flash-freezing technology, meats can travel for longer distances without ever spoiling. This is cryogenics 101, and this technology has played a key role in product expansion as well as cost reduction. OSI Group has always seemed to be on the verge of great things. It has highly trained R&D specialists, and these professionals have real-world knowledge in global cuisines. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

This particular company has grown into one of the great corporations of the world. It has well-over 60 facilities, and the facilities are located in up to 17 countries. Sheldon Lavin, CEO of the company, has taken OSI Group to another level thanks to his financial and educational background. Bigger and better things are on the horizon for OSI, and its clients/customers. Click here


NetPicks Coaches Investers And Traders To Success

Forex traders have a little extra help when it comes to online trading. NetPicks provides traders with helpful charts and live signals that help explain current trading trends and make suggestions based on those trends. NetPicks offers excellent advice and strategy concerning Forex Trading. Education and advice is also offered for Futures and Options Trading as well.


History Of Netpicks

NetPicks is an online trading company founded in 1996 that focuses on trading strategy, education, training, and trading resources. NetPicks offers several training modules that cater to the customer’s specific educational needs. The training sessions are video oriented so that the customer can watch a video to see how a specific task is done. When finished, the customer is then given an opportunity to practice the task. You can check for more details.

The Net Picks website also has a wealth of information for beginners as well as experts. One section is devoted to tipis and tutorials of the trading industry. Tips on how to start trading crude oil, Strategies for developing a trade plan, how to handle a trade that went bad, SubZero Trading setups are featured on the Tips and Tutorials page of the website. The website also has an area for members, tools, and live chat (

Chris Burch’s Great Success in the Business World

Chris Burch is a renowned businessman who operates the best hotel in the world as voted by the Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2016 and 2017. The hotel which is known as the “Nihi Sumba Resort” is located in a place called Nihi in Sumba Island, Indonesia. Chris Burch established the hotel in 2015 after buying the premises, which was a smaller hotel before transforming it into a five-star resort. The Sumba Island is marked by an exclusive surfing destination, which is what attracted the earlier investors after discovering the island. What’s more, besides being a hotelier, Chris Burch who is a billionaire also excels in the fashion industry and other businesses as well.


History of the Sumba Island

The Sumba Island was discovered by the Portuguese island back in the 16th century where it was known as the Sandalwood Island. It remained unexploited since it lacked the natural resources, hence unaffected by the modern civilization. Consequently, because of its lack of exploration and disassociation from its surroundings, the land remained with a rich culture where its Sumba people, though backward have a wealth of authentic culture. Further, the island was later discovered in the 1980s by a couple that was known as the Graves who were exploring the island in pursuit of the perfect wave as they were surfers. With the discovery of the beauty of the island and its great surfing waves, the Graves established a resort that was later bought by Chris Burch (


About Chris Burch

Chris Burch’s origins stem from Pennsylvania, the United States where he was brought up and educated. Today, he is a prominent businessman who is the founder and CEO of numerous companies that include Burch Creative Capital ( He has been in business for the last four decades and has made a name for himself as a successful investor and entrepreneur. He has managed to establish over 50 companies by incorporating his marketing skills through studying the consumer behavior and leveraging on creating strong brands. Additionally, Chris Burch is the co- founder of the Tory Burch fashion brand and is currently interested in other fields that include hospitality, financial services, consumer products, and technology based on

Ryan Seacrest Invades New York

Ryan Seacrest is a west coast type of guy. However, the star of American Idol has made a big move to New York City. He moved from Los Angeles to New York to join the new Live with Kelly and Ryan show that airs 5 days a week. Still, the 43 year old is making sure that he’s in tip top shape for the new show co-hosting gig. Mr Seacrest is the type of individual that has several projects going at the same time. He also hosts the On Air With Ryan broadcast and manages the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. How does he juggle all those tasks? Let’s take a closer look.

Not Your Average Guy

Certainly, Ryan Seacrest is not your average New Yorker. He is still running on the Los Angeles vibe. For example, he gets up early in the morning, showers, shaves, and moisturizes his face. He likes to wear sweats and Uggs. Ryan Seacrest is obsessed about his health and keeping fit and toned. Therefore, working out on a regular basis is very important for this very busy individual. The fact is that Ryan Seacrest has a trainer. He takes the trainer with him on trips too. Recently, the Live with Kelly and Ryan show invaded the Bahamas and Seacrest took his trainer with him to help him stay focused on working out too. Ryan Seacrest is not your average guy that likes to relax and drink a few beers. He is a very physical person and likes to keep fit. In fact, he recently started boxing with a boxing coach.

Ryan Seacrest’s Daily Preparation

In an article from the New York Times, Ryan Seacrest says he has a daily preparation. He likes to read the morning paper and check out all the latest news. Seacrest also enjoys watching the morning news on TV too. His commute to work takes several minutes by car. Surprisingly, sitting down and simply relaxing is something that is very difficult for Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest). However, the busy man decided to step back and look at his situation. He needed to slow down and take it easy, eat healthier meals, and to add meditation to his daily routine to stay on top of his game.

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Shocking Crystal EOS LipBalm Review

We all know first impressions are the most honest. Youtuber KaylaAnn took the opportunity to review the new Crystal EOS Lipbalm in flavor, hibiscus peach.

Kayla is familiar with EOS products as she’s done previous reviews. She highlights that this product is unique to the lip balm world. This video review focuses on packaging, ingredients, and the product itself.

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The new crystal EOS Lip Balm refrains from using any sort of wax in their new product. Specifically bee’s wax, which is commonly used in the majority of lipsticks and balms. EOS has come out with a vegan lip balm like no other. As well as it being a cruelty-free makeup product, it totes four nourishing natural oils, “creating a weightless hydration like no other.”

Some of the nourishing ingredients include coconut and avocado oil without any parabens or petroleum products ( This also creates a lip product that is hypo-allergenic, and not tested on animals. She loves and admits surprise that this product can do its job without all the regular unnatural ingredients.

Opening the cap on this unique lavender sparking case, there is a gasp of shock. A clear glistening crystal sits in its case. It is beautiful and fun to look at. First impressions indicated it looked good enough to eat. Up close and personal, it smells exactly like fresh peaches and applies extremely smooth.

This review was glowing and positive across packaging, ingredients, smell, and application, check Most important it was something new and exciting to an experienced product user. The Crystal EOS was a little more expensive than other EOS products, but this review said it was well worth it.