Chris Burch’s Great Success in the Business World

Chris Burch is a renowned businessman who operates the best hotel in the world as voted by the Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2016 and 2017. The hotel which is known as the “Nihi Sumba Resort” is located in a place called Nihi in Sumba Island, Indonesia. Chris Burch established the hotel in 2015 after buying the premises, which was a smaller hotel before transforming it into a five-star resort. The Sumba Island is marked by an exclusive surfing destination, which is what attracted the earlier investors after discovering the island. What’s more, besides being a hotelier, Chris Burch who is a billionaire also excels in the fashion industry and other businesses as well.


History of the Sumba Island

The Sumba Island was discovered by the Portuguese island back in the 16th century where it was known as the Sandalwood Island. It remained unexploited since it lacked the natural resources, hence unaffected by the modern civilization. Consequently, because of its lack of exploration and disassociation from its surroundings, the land remained with a rich culture where its Sumba people, though backward have a wealth of authentic culture. Further, the island was later discovered in the 1980s by a couple that was known as the Graves who were exploring the island in pursuit of the perfect wave as they were surfers. With the discovery of the beauty of the island and its great surfing waves, the Graves established a resort that was later bought by Chris Burch (


About Chris Burch

Chris Burch’s origins stem from Pennsylvania, the United States where he was brought up and educated. Today, he is a prominent businessman who is the founder and CEO of numerous companies that include Burch Creative Capital ( He has been in business for the last four decades and has made a name for himself as a successful investor and entrepreneur. He has managed to establish over 50 companies by incorporating his marketing skills through studying the consumer behavior and leveraging on creating strong brands. Additionally, Chris Burch is the co- founder of the Tory Burch fashion brand and is currently interested in other fields that include hospitality, financial services, consumer products, and technology based on

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