Shocking Crystal EOS LipBalm Review

We all know first impressions are the most honest. Youtuber KaylaAnn took the opportunity to review the new Crystal EOS Lipbalm in flavor, hibiscus peach.

Kayla is familiar with EOS products as she’s done previous reviews. She highlights that this product is unique to the lip balm world. This video review focuses on packaging, ingredients, and the product itself.

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The new crystal EOS Lip Balm refrains from using any sort of wax in their new product. Specifically bee’s wax, which is commonly used in the majority of lipsticks and balms. EOS has come out with a vegan lip balm like no other. As well as it being a cruelty-free makeup product, it totes four nourishing natural oils, “creating a weightless hydration like no other.”

Some of the nourishing ingredients include coconut and avocado oil without any parabens or petroleum products ( This also creates a lip product that is hypo-allergenic, and not tested on animals. She loves and admits surprise that this product can do its job without all the regular unnatural ingredients.

Opening the cap on this unique lavender sparking case, there is a gasp of shock. A clear glistening crystal sits in its case. It is beautiful and fun to look at. First impressions indicated it looked good enough to eat. Up close and personal, it smells exactly like fresh peaches and applies extremely smooth.

This review was glowing and positive across packaging, ingredients, smell, and application, check Most important it was something new and exciting to an experienced product user. The Crystal EOS was a little more expensive than other EOS products, but this review said it was well worth it.

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