Upwork’s Solutions For Staying Organized

Staying organized throughout the day can be a chore for most people. Staying organized throughout the week can be a nightmare if you’re prone to procrastinating. If you’re like most people, then you’re probably not as organized as you should be. Notifications, texts, post-its and emails will multiple at an alarming rate if you’re not on top of your game. If you have an email, and you just so happen to ignore your email for one day, then you’re probably setting yourself back by two days. Yes, this is absolutely correct. Upwork, a freelancing platform for businesses, has some tips and tricks to help keep you organized.

  1. Store all of your tasks and important information in one secure place. Most people are very sloppy when it comes to staying organized. Post-its here and text messages there can manifest into a nightmare. It’s very hard to keep track of an abundance of information, especially if they’re not in one location. Try incorporating some form of managing software, which will help you separate all of the junk mail that’s lying around.
  2. Define your priorities instead of randomly choosing things to do. To honestly state it, your day will always have some kind of unforeseen circumstance that could throw-off your schedule. This is just the law of the land. One of the better things to incorporate into your day is a task priority. Task priorities will keep track of every task via its priority. Allocating more time to the most important tasks will help you become more efficient.
  3. Implement a batch process to help save time. A batch process will lineup all of your phone calls. This will definitely help you get through the process much faster. The same thing can be done with answering emails or checking notifications.

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