Dubai Billionaire Hussain Sajwani Hopes to Do More Business Deals with Trumps

Hussain Sajwani is a prominent billionaire developer who resided in the desert kingdom of Dubai. Hussain is hopeful that he will have a chance to enhance his business relationship with the Trump Organization, a real estate company that belongs to the US president Donald Trump.

The two real estate moguls who came together to celebrate the new year’s eve have already partnered in the establishment of the Trump International Golf Club where luxurious villas that have managed to make sales of almost $2 billion. In the midst of concerns about possible conflicts of interest, Trump assured that he would not be making any new business contracts while serving as the president of the United States of America.

However, Hussain Sajwani told the NBC news that his connection to the US president extends beyond the Trump to his three children, Ivanka and sons Eric and Donald Jr. Hussain adds that all the three kids are fully involved, and he believes that under their management, there will be no issue in expanding and growing as well as maintaining the business relationship between the two parties. In an article from, the three children are fully involved with every aspect of the business and they are extremely protective of their company.

Recently, the chairman of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) issued a cheque of AED two million to a campaign that aims at clothing a million less fortunate children around the globe. The campaign is known as the Ramadhan, and it was initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Mr. Hussain is the founder and chairman of DAMAC properties, the leading opulence independent real estate developer in the Middle East. He donated as a token of the firm’s continuous support for the efforts by the government to advance the people’s standard of living around the globe.

This contribution from DAMAC Properties will be used to purchase clothes and other warming items for over 50000 kids who need them. The clothing initiative was launched in partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent in 1983.

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Gareth Henry: Experienced Asset To Global Investment Firms

Gareth Henry was the London-based managing director of Fortress Investment Group where he was employed for over 8 years. His time with the company spanned from July of 2007 to December of 2014. Henry was in charge of securing capital in the African, European, and Middle Eastern markets. He worked diligently to build relationships and create established ties to insurance companies, wealth funds, and pension funds.

Prior to his employment at Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry studied actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He received First Class Honors from Heriot-Watt University where he graduated with his bachelors of science degree. Following his graduation in 2001, Henry worked in management research at Watson-Wyatt for a few years. After that period of time, Gareth Henry joined the U.K. based money management firm known as Schroders where he moved up in the ranks to become a product manager in the multi-asset global investment firm. From there he made the successful transition to his position at Fortress Investment Group. Additionally, Henry is a honored to be a fellow of both the Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom and the Society of Actuaries in the United States.

Fortress Investment Group has experienced growth in earning estimates and Credit Suisse analyst, Craig Siegenthaler, recently upgraded shares of Fortress. He believes that clarity on principal compensation and a stock dividend increase will drive the benefits of the company.

Fortress is heavily vested in the hedge fund and private equities businesses. As a global investment management firm, Fortress Investment Group appears to be well-positioned to experience favorable long-term relative fund performance.

Gareth Henry is currently based in New York. He was employed as the global head of investor relations at Angelo, Gordon, and Company where he was employed from January of 2016 until February, 2018.

Stansberry Research Expertise in Serving Investors

Stansberry Research is a reputable publisher of financial software and information. It is subscription-based and is able to serve investors of the millions around the globe. Their publisher business has two simple and yet major principles of service. They commit themselves to give their clients all the information that Stansberry Research would want themselves if they were in their client’s shoes.


They also will publish only the analysts that they can trust to give the strategies and advice that they would want their own loved ones to use. By these two principles, they have become a successful business of software and financial information that has been able to grow around the world with admirable qualities.


Stansberry Research wants to build a long-term relationship with their customers. Not only do their customers build a trust for them, the business also benefits by earning a profit without just using trial subscriptions. Using this principle will provide renewal income for their business and also for their customers.


Another way that Stansberry benefits and operates is their belief in accountability and transparency. The investment advisors who work for Stansberry Research must provide an honest accounting of their advice by showing the outcomes that they create. The recommendations in investments are evaluated publicly yearly which include a monthly issue of their investment publications.


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The Great Dubai Transformation achieved by the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani founded Damac Properties, a residential Real company, in 2002. He saw it viable to start a real estate company after the government of Dubai started allowing visitors to own property such as homes and other building in the emirate. According to him, the main buyers of the apartments would be non-Emiratis. After Hussain had purchased a piece of land in an undeveloped location, he built a 38-story residential building. The amazing thing is that he managed to build and sell all units in the building within six months. This great achievement kick started his investments. For a long time, Hussain Sajwani has been playing a significant role in transforming the image of Dubai to the rest of the world.

At the beginning of 2013, in an article published at Roayah News, it says that Hussain Sajwani had a business agreement with Donald Trump where they would collaborate in real estate development projects in Dubai. They thus teamed up to build the renowned Trump-branded golf courses. The International Golf Course located in Dubai was officially opened in February 2017. It is worth noting that the Golf course was designed by the world-famous Tiger Woods. Trump has a lot of respect for Damac owner because he refers to him as an amazing individual who is ready to transform Dubai while working with like-minded people. Donald Trump, during a press conference, thanked the Damac Properties owner for giving him a $2 billion real estate deal. Trump confirmed that he would work with Hussain Sajawani even after he goes into office as the U.S president. Hussain Sajwani family and Trump do not only relate well as business partners but also as family friends as demonstrated by the New Year’s Eve celebration at Trump’s places.

Damac Properties delivers leisure, luxury residential homes, and commercial properties in different parts of Dubai. The company has also expanded its investments to other regions such as the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Damac Properties has so far delivered more than 18, 500 homes with approximately 44, 000 units. Damac Company also manages an estimate of 13, 000 hotel rooms’ hotel villas and serviced hotel apartments. Hussain Sajwani still owns a food service firm that is also a major source of income to his family. With an experience of fifteen years in the Real Estate industry, Damac Properties has become the leader in delivering luxury destinations and bespoke homes in Dubai.

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Victoria Doramus Puts Market Trends in Proper Perspective

Any business professional that has a business knows that it is difficult to sell a product or service if there is no type of sales forecasting data available for what they are doing. Businesses benefit greatly from analysis. This is something that Victoria Doramus does. She helps businesses see how it is possible to market to a growing consumer base. Doramus has the ability to help people that are interested in trying to figure out what it is going on in the market that they are entering into.

Victoria is a creative force that knows what is happening in markets where fashion and cosmetics are concerned. This is her specialty area. This is the area that she has been able to captivate consumers in. It is showing businesses that have fashion as the backbone of the business entity to know what sells and what does not sell. It does not matter how much marketing is being done for the products that are put in the public eye. If there is no true market for this these products, regardless of how good the products are, it will inevitably fail. What On her facebook account, it mentioned that Victoria Doramus does is scope out the things that are going to fill a void in the industry. With the market trends that she analyzes she also takes a look at where the market is saturated. She finds out a lot of different things about how a new business can survive as well as how older businesses can thrive through innovation and product updates based on her market trend analysis.

Victoria Doramus has done this exceptionally well, and she has also gone on to work as a ghost writer for some publications. She has been able to present a very important service for companies that need someone to push products forward. View Doramus’ career history on LinkedIn.


Organo Gold

Organo Gold is an international network marketing firm that works on a mission of spreading knowledge about Ganoderma across the world. The company has remained visionary on looking for ways to reach people around the world with the intention of improving their wellness, balance, and prosperity. It uses products on opportunities to meet people’s needs. Watch this video on Youtube.

Currently, Organo Gold is the corporate sponsor of a non-profit organization called the OG Cares Foundation. The foundation eyes on the future by developing the leaders of the coming generations through enriching the lives of the youths globally.

Organo Gold is the producer of the Organo Gold Coffees, supplements, teas and the latest product OGX body management. The firm that was established in 2008 has taken advantage of humans’ love for coffee to sell the high-quality Organo Coffees through its network of independent suppliers. The company advertises its products to be containing immune promoting Ganoderma Mushroom powder and antioxidants. Organo Gold is committed to providing its customers with products that help them to achieve a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

Organo Gold operates under values that narrow down to edification, parity, and loyalty to its customers and distributors. It also practices the culture of remaining supportive of every member as a family. Both the management and the employees believe that they can help each other to grow together. Organo focuses on bringing the world’s nutritional richness to the general public by use of the firm’s premium products that can be consumed every day to attain a more energetic livelihood.


Bernardo Chua who is nicknamed Bernie founded Organo Gold. Bernardo was an established entrepreneur and a network executive even by the time he created the firm in 2008. Bernie was one of the initial businessmen who had successfully marketed Ganoderma to the outside world. He has remained committed to propelling the company. His hard work and leadership skills have enabled Organo Gold to higher levels. He has helped the company to achieve distributors in more than 50 countries across the globe. The company allows its distributors to sell the products to their individual clients without depending on the mother firm. Visit to know more.

Securing Your Investment Future With Netpicks

Based out of Irving, Texas, Netpicks was established in 1996. This organization gives various trading knowledge and has a passion to help investors reach goals. All of the staff within Netpicks are daily traders. This type of ethics enables them to give experienced advice. As daily traders, the staff at Netpicks knows that every day isn’t going to be the best one when you are investing. This experience of highs and lows helps them guide investors of every level. Netpicks have an unparalleled level of commitment to their customers and attain many business referrals. The rapport they build with their client base is established on experience, compassion and understanding investments.

The Hi Tech Chronicle reports on Netpicks’s trading strategies. In this particular article they cover FX trading. This is also known as Forex trading. This sector gives traders the chance to trade currency pairs in a market that is decentralized. They can do so with the assistance of Netpicks and the live signal charts they provide. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, read ( So whenever the New York Stock Exchange is closed, FX traders can still trade in Sydney, and when the Sydney market closes they can trade in other European territories. This is because Forex is based on electronic over the counter exchanges. Netpicks states that many traders choose the Forex market because the market is substantially liquid. Most traders within this market sale and purchase currency pairs that are established. The rapid change in prices also gives an abundance of financial opportunities to traders. The company also touches on leveraging within the market of Forex. They express that as long as a margin account is in place, leverage trading is permitted; and FX traders do not need to reimburse brokers. Netpicks recommends that a margin account is only opened when a trader anticipates to pay back the funds, based on


OSI Making Moves and Creating Its Own Future Sucess!

OSI Industries has now merged with Turi Foods to help aim in its bid to create a sustain able and innovative approach to the food industry. Turi Foods brings a lot of expertise and direction to the merger table by having established itself as the one of the largest meat poultry companies in Australia. OSI Industries could benefit from this as they already have the scale and market size to take advantage of the production resources available from Turi Foods.

OSI Industries will begin to manufacture its signature products mostly out of the Queensland and Victoria areas of Australia, with the latter dealing more with its farming base there in Victoria. David McDonald, CEO of OSI Industries remarked that this merger will “have a shared ownership…. that will have tremendous potential to serve our customers in new and innovative ways”. The OSI and Turi Foods merger will become offical on May 4, 2018.

OSI Industries is no stranger to the innovation land having experienced over a century of growth leading out from that small family owned business in Chicago, IL to working with the McDonald’s fast food chain. The company continues its tradition of leading from the front by changing its production line facilities to meet the growing demands of its clients. It opened food processing plants outside Chicago, IL in places like Utah and Germany to include a multinational focus and mission.

This has lead to the company taking its rightful place at #58 on the Forbes list of largest private companies. By early 2000, the company has already expanded into Australia and India respectively. This global food supplier also has within its portfolio contracts with Subway, Burger King, and Yum Foods brands as its clients who value its global reach and production innovation capability. This company has built a reputation sustained over the years on quality, innovation, and service to its national and global clients to effectively create its own success!

How Southridge Capital is Offering Financial Solutions to the Masses

Southridge capital is a diversified private equity firm that provides innovative financial solutions to thousands of small and middle market firms. The company based in Connecticut has helped thousands of people achieve their financial goals. The company has made direct investments worth over $18 billion worldwide in the growth of companies. They have a unique understanding of the issues that face companies that are establishing due to their vast experience spanning over two decades. They have worked with over 2590 public companies and provide tailor-made solutions to different clients depending on their needs. Some of the extra services they offer include management of balance sheets, financing techniques and advising on the process of becoming a public company.


Debt can be a source of unhappiness and a reason for constant conflict in many relationships. Securing a safe financial future takes a lot of planning and dedication to get a solution that will work for one. Southridge Capital comes in handy by ensuring one makes the right choices in regards to one’s financial future. The company can help one at an individual domestic level or in a huge firm that requires guidance on matters finance. They have competent professionals who charge reasonable fees for their services, which make them affordable to a lot of people. Southridge Capital has a culture of helping where they can and have undergone the necessary training to enable them to help others. They are the to-go-to folks when one is in debt or when one needs to create a roadmap to future financial security. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge was founded in 1996 by Stephen M. Hicks who is the Principal and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Hicks has a broad experience of over 30 years in the investment sector. He founded it while still working for a small NY Hedge fund and has grown it exponentially to where it is now. Recently he announced that Southridge Capital had entered into an equity purchase agreement worth $5 million with Elite Data Services based in Dallas, Texas. Elite Data Services offer innovative technological solutions to the companies they serve. Southridge Capital is committed to helping people and like-minded companies in achieving their financial goals. You can follow their Twitter account.


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Milan Kordestani: Distributor of Organic Goods

The demand for organic goods is on the rise, and many Americans prefer organic foods versus commercial ones. Milan Kordestani, an American entrepreneur, has invested in producing organic products. Though he is still young, it did not stop him from thinking about ways on how he could become rich. He invested a lot in growing herbs and producing organic eggs. He used the hydroponics method to grow his saffron herbs, and the quality of the product is impressive. He is also encouraging his employees to raise chickens humanely and then selling its eggs for a low price. Milan Kordestani launched his organic farm in 2015 when he was still in high school, and he claimed that all of the procedures involved in his company was his ideas.

Milan Kordestani is also a writer and an equestrian, and when he is not busy at his farm, he will go out to practice his sport. He has been awarded several times because of his skills in horseback riding, and he has also joined competitions in the past to show his skills in riding a horse. Milan Kordestani has been winning competitions both locally and internationally, and he would be writing about the experience in his column at the Huffington Post. The media company gave him a chance to be a writer because they wanted young people to be more involved in writing. He is also influencing other people to try out his sport, and learn how to tame and ride a horse. He said that riding a horse made him more disciplined, and it helped him think faster and decide instantly.

Presently, Milan Kordestani keeps on managing the Milan Farms, and it continues to grow exponentially. More people are becoming aware of the farm, and they are buying its products because of how it was produced. Milan Kordestani is also active in researching for farming techniques that would help his farm become sustainable and far from being a pollutant. The products from Milan Farms are now being exported overseas, and it makes Milan Kordestani happy because his hard work is now being recognized.