Hussain Sajwani Is Destined For Greatness

Hussain Sajwani is a highly respected businessman not only in the Arab world but also in the world in general. As the 4th richest Arab in the world, Hussain rising to prominence had quite a humble beginning. He was born in 1952 to a middle-class Arab family. His father was an entrepreneur who ran a small watch shop while his mother would purchase fabric in wholesale and later resale it to Arab women. Watching and helping his parents while growing up, it helped in equipping him with entrepreneurship skills.

From the word go, Hussain Sajwani was meant for greatness and the universe collaborated to ensure that he achieved it. After high school, Hussain got a government scholarship to study at the University of Washington where he pursued his economics and engineering degree. He was in the list of the first group of students who got UAE government sponsorship to study in the US. Instead of relying on government funds or his parents while he was studying, Hussain would sell timeshare apartments and get funds to keep him going.

After graduating, Hussain Sajwani understood that for one to establish and run a business successfully, he/she requires skills. It is in respect to this that he first worked for Abu Dhabi’s gas industries finance department. His role here gave him exposure to managing the finances of the big business. After two years, time was ripe to start a catering business in 1982. Armed with two years of skills and experience, Sajwani had what it takes to propel a business to greater heights, and within a short period, his business had gone beyond the expectations of many and got clients all over the world, including Africa and the Middle East.

However, in 2001 after Dubai allowed foreigners to set up real estate businesses within its soil, Hussain saw this as an opportunity to establish classy hotels which would help house investors who came in search of investment opportunities. Sajwani began with small hotels, laying the foundation, for now, the mighty Damac properties. In less than a year, he became part of great projects such as developing towers and luxury apartments. In 2002, he officially established DAMAC, and since then, he has never looked back. Using Damac as his stepping stone, Sajwani has established and partnered up with many businesses such as Nine Elms property limited, Dico Investments, Akyon Maldives resorts, and Al Anwar Ceramic tiles Co, among many others. He was indeed destined for greatness

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