A Look at Betsy DeVos Charitable Giving

Consider yourself extremely lucky if Education Secretary Betsy DeVos cares about your cause.



As one of the most generous women in the United States, Betsy DeVos has long been appreciated for her contributions in the American education and in politics. Her family has donated millions of dollars towards the education sector and created policies aiming to take the standard up a notch.



Perhaps it’s the reason why President Trump gave her a slot in his cabinet as the Secretary of Education, which she has held since February 2017. Her commitment to improving the field of education has been definitely felt, and in fact, she was once appointed as one of the administrators for the American Federation for Children (AFC). AFC has been working hard to make sure all American students have an education of choice and with their curriculum, many students are given a chance to pursue their future careers.



As the Education Secretary, Mrs. DeVos has pushed for better policies that have enabled many children to attend a school of their choice. This freedom, she believes, will help students shape and achieve their careers. It’s the reason why she also backs Kids Hope USA, a non-profit organization which facilitates mentoring relationships with at-risk children through a church-school partnership.



The accomplishments of Betsy DeVos are a testament to her power and influence, and with the help of her husband, Amway heir Dick Devos, these accomplishments have doubled throughout the years. Together, the couple owns and manages the DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that funnels all their charity work. Mrs. DeVos, in particular, paid attention to the development of charter schools using vouchers, and provide students with public funding so they can afford private education.



In the year before Mrs. DeVos was appointed for her post, she and her husband donated money into over a hundred organizations across a wide spectrum of causes. The DeVos Family Foundation reportedly donated a total of $14.3 million to various charities, according to 2016 tax filings given by the foundation to The New York Times.



Not limiting herself in philanthropy alone, Mrs. DeVos is a former Republican Party chairwoman in Michigan. She was also one of the key people in President Gerald R. Ford’s campaign team in 1976. Holding different positions as a Republican has enabled Betsy DeVos to acquire experience and make a name for herself in the world of politics.



The DeVos Family Foundation continues to support causes in many fields including politics, education, art, and medical research. The couple also founded Windquest Group, which invests in manufacturing and technology. In 2010, they gave $22.5 million to the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, which at that time was the biggest private donation in the complex’s history.


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