Matthew Fleeger Bio

Matthew Fleeger’s success in business is the result of his steadfast initiative. In 1970, Fleeger’s father founded Gulf Coast Western, a successful Dallas-based oil and gas company. It was only natural that in 1985, after graduating from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Business, Fleeger would immediately develop his marketing and finance skills as the President of Gulf Coast Western. From 1990 to 1993, Matthew Fleeger served as the Vice President of Kinlaw Oil Company, a large petroleum company located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

After gaining invaluable experience in corporate structures, mergers, sales, finance, joint ventures, and acquisitions, Matthew Fleeger decided to venture out on his own and founded MedSolutions, Inc., a medical waste management company. Fleeger served as President and CEO of MedSolutions, Inc. for 13 years, until he successfully negotiated the sale of his company to the industry’s leader Stericycle, Inc.

Following the sale of his company, Matthew Fleeger returned to his roots. Fleeger took control of Gulf Coast Western as both President and CEO. Matthew Fleeger’s experience and drive qualified him as the perfect candidate. Under his leadership, Gulf Coast Western has flourished. Today, Gulf Coast Western has developed more than 1000 partnerships, and it has built a respectable reputation as a company that gives back to its community. Under Matthew Fleeger’s care, Gulf Coast Western successfully operates in six states and nearly four times as many cities.

Matthew Fleeger’s business interests do not rest solely in oil and gas or waste management. Fleeger has also founded two profitable businesses in the tanning industry, Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan, that combined revenues near $100 million. Matthew Fleeger’s expertise and talents have earned him both success and the respect of his peers as evidenced by his recognition in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.

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