Guilherme Paulus Is An Entrepreneur In Brazil That’s Well Revered

CVC is a company based in Brazil that deals with the tour. The company has been led for years by Guilherme Paulus, and at the board of directors, he is the business leader. At the GJP Hotels and Resorts, he offers his services as an executive. Paulus career journey started when he was the IBM intern.

Many people have been amazed by the success that Guilherme Paulus has achieved over the years from being just an ordinary intern to become a successful entrepreneur. While Paulus was traveling via boat that’s how he met Carlos Vicente. At the time Carlos Vicente was offering his services as the state deputy. Though he had one interest and that is he would venture in tourism a company that would be based in Santo Andre that was the main reason why he talked to Paulus.

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At the moment it was not possible for Guilherme Paulus to start the agency all by himself because he didn’t have the capital. They came up with an agreement with Carlos Vicente that he would take care of groundwork, and the money would be taken care of Carlos Vicente. The passion that Guilherme Paulus had is one day becoming an entrepreneur that was the reason why he agreed to get into business with Carlos Vicente. The first stall that they started was near a cinema, the reason why they choose the location is because of the traffic that was in the place. That was a marketing strategy because people around there would have a glimpse of what they were offering in the business.

The partnership went on for four years until they parted ways. The reason why Guilherme Paulus has been successful tourism expert is because he is always optimistic. The way that he manages his time is through having a weekly schedule. There are so many positive changes that have been caused by technology. By just a single click through the internet anyone can get any information that they need. For any business to be successful, then one thing that anyone does is to know what the customer’s needs and through that anyone can propel a big company. That’s the strategy that Guilherme Paulus has used to ensure that CVC grow.


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