Paul Mampilly an incredible investor and analyst

Paul Mampilly has grown to become quite an authority figure in his industry. He has consistently shown to obtain a proven track record in the helping of retail individuals.

He teaches and mentors people to become “do it yourself investors.” This method is crucial in ensuring that they make money now, which will expand for a duration of seven years.

When it comes to investing strategies, he does not waste any time in analyzing data and drawing concise conclusions. Furthermore, after taking a closer look at the background that Paul Mampilly has, it can be summarized that he is a person who has been on Wall Street. Indeed he has managed large sums of money.

Paul Mampilly has managed a trading desk, where he has really gone through all the aspects of Wall Street, and learned every essential component of what makes a perfect investor and researcher.

Paul Mampilly has certainly put his education and skills to good use within the financing sector. He studied and therefore earned an MBA from Fordham University.

In 1991, he was an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. While acquiring knowledge with investing, he earned a prominent position at Deutsche Bank and ING. Eventually, billion dollar corporations began to quickly recruit him once they observed that he had so much to bring to the table.

He currently still works as a research and investment analyst while obtaining joy in helping other create wealth, to live enriching lives. Since he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, over 90,000 people have ended up signing up for Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited.

This newsletter consists of 8-pages and it is detailed with several new investment opportunities on a monthly basis. Moreover, Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited includes a model portfolio that Paul keeps a track record of.

He also lists several different stocks which he recommends that his subscribers should take the initiate in looking into, and possibly purchasing.

In addition to curating Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly also oversees two prestigious trading services, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. He also writes a weekly column for Winning Investor Daily.

TMS Health Solutions: A Company That Is With You Through The Pain

Depression is a kind of mental illness that has been ridiculed and not taken seriously in the past – and recently in our modern world, the society has taken importance and have given sensitivity to the people who are suffering from any mental illness – especially depression and anxiety that can lead to self harm, or worse – suicide.



Though, unlike diseases like stage 4 cancer, there are available cures and treatments for depression. And there are steps that you can take to be able to cope with the mental illness, here are some things that you can do to be able to help yourself:

  1. Acknowledge that you do have a problem with depression. This is the first step of getting through depression – acknowledging that you do have a problem is one of the biggest steps you can take in order to jump over that hurdle. When you acknowledge the problem, it will lead to multiple avenues that you can take in order to move that mountain.
  2. Get professional help: there are people and experts who can get you over that mountain – but first you must open up your problem to them so they can help you find the causes of your problem. You can check yourself in and avail services offered in institutions that specialize in treating depression. One institute that you might want to check out is TMS Health Solutions.
  3. Distract yourself – make sure that you are always busy and occupied so that your mind is distracted from all the activities that it will shutdown the causes of your depression – check yourself in art classes, or recreational activities in order to divert your attention to something else.

One of the best institutes that you can get help from is the TMS Health Solutions – they can help you figure out where you are with your situation and they can help you in whatever way they can. They are perfect for solving problems in the times of crisis – because they perfectly understand how hard it is to be in a position of depression where you think no one recognizes your pain and agony – TMS Health Solutions can help you with their therapies and healing techniques.

Serge Belamant: Blockchain Patent Holder


Serge Belamant can be described as an icon when it comes to the world of IT. He started as a software developer, but through his innovative mind, he founded technologies that are very useful today. His biggest innovation yet is blockchain technology that uses smart cards which are ever operational.

The smart cards have micro-controllers that can create transaction ledgers that are distributed and independent. A blockchain contains a cryptograph that links together a list of records. The blockchain technology has been a key factor in the development of most cryptocurrencies. It has also aided the financial department in securing its systems and information on their customers. Cases of fraud have therefore reduced greatly.

Serge Belamant was brought up in South Africa by his father who was a professional tiller. His homeland is, however, Tulle in France. Serge attended a boys’ high school named Highlands North High School. He was an obedient and intelligent student who was well respected. Apart from shinning in his schoolwork, he also participated in extra-curricular activities such as rugby and chess.

After high school, he joined Witwatersrand University as an engineering student. He, however, did not graduate due to some minor complications in his coursework. Rather than repeating university, he opted to start working. He first worked at Matrix under its BKSH division. He, later on, moved to different companies working different posts. Serge Belamant did not fail to impress everywhere that he worked.

He used his computer skills and extensive knowledge to come up with new innovations at each stop. Finally, in 1989, Serge left the company that he was working to start his company, Net1 Technologies. The company was to use two of his innovations; Funds Transfer System and the Universal Electronic Payment System. Like any other emerging company, it faced some difficulties in its early years but became stable after working with Visa.

The partnership resulted in his company appearing in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Serge Belamant acquired Cash Payment Service and helped modernize it. He used UEPS to provide security and enhance speed in CPS. After successfully working on CPS, Serge Belamant’s fame spread like wildfire. His company worked with other countries such as Ghana, Burundi, Russia, and Iraq.

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Nitin Khanna Solutions With Cura Cannabis

Nitin Khanna, the CEO of Elimination Cannabis Solutions, the leading company of marijuana vape carts and cartomizers and essential oil in the Northwest provides announced a significant expansion which will magnify the brand in Oregon, California and The state of Nevada. Cura’s CBD cartridges will certainly be accessible to marijuana merchants in Or, Nevada, and California. Furthermore, a new Portland service provides opened up in the city’s Central Eastside.

The current footprint is just about 4,200 sq foot, with an expectation to broaden to around 50,500 sq. foot with more than 100 workers within a year.

What Nitin Khanna must state about his venture:

All of us believe now is time for you to provide the medical and lifestyle advantages of CBD to consumers who would like the advantages of the marijuana plant without a psychoactive high. This past year, all of us gained tremendous momentum simply by expanding quickly in the Oregon marketplace and we are thrilled for making the restorative advantages from the CBD obtainable initial over the west coastline and then globally.

Our CBD vape carts and cartomizers are pre-filled with hemp-derived CBD essential oil and so are combined with essential natural oils that can help customers with chronic pains, inflammations, stress and anxiety and sleeping issues. CBD may also be utilized instead of opiate-based painkillers that are extremely addictive. All of us likewise have a CBD pen for all instances of your day: peppermint pertaining to morning hours energy, grapefruit intended for afternoon rebirth, and lavender for night time rest.

In Cura, we assurance the best products to your consumers simply by testing the essential oil using the most strict screening regulatory standards obtainable in each condition where the item is being sold. Nitin Khanna says all of the items are examined and validated beneath the Or Environmental Lab Accreditation System testing procedures. These strict checks consist of alternative party sample and tests of pesticide articles, leftover solvents and potency. The customers may view the test outcomes from the Cura website to discover what precisely they may be purchasing.

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Talkspace Gives Patients Access to Mental Health Care

Talkspace is changing the way people can access mental healthcare. For many people, traditional therapists and doctors are too expensive or not available. In rural areas, access to mental healthcare is simply not an option. Talkspace hopes to remove both of those barriers. To help them spread their message, Talkspace has partnered with Michael Phelps. Phelps has suffered from his own mental health issues. For many years, he has struggled with anxiety and depression. He suffered in silence until he finally asked for help. He knew that he could not continue without it.

Initially Phelps thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness. He now realizes it was the only way for him to feel better. Talkspace also knows that people cannot get well on their own. Talkspace has a team of doctors and therapists who can help, and the company also has various blogs and forums to help people who have a variety of mental health issues.

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Talkspace is a unique way of offering help. It is an online therapy program that can be accessed in various ways. Talkspace has an app that patients can use to communicate with therapists and doctors. Patients can also contact health care professionals through video chat, emails, and text messaging. It is a cheaper and easier way to get help. For a monthly fee, patients can access a variety of care.

Talkspace also has an online community that is there to help people with their mental health issues. It comprises of people who are sharing the same experiences and the friends and families of patients. It helps people feel like they are not suffering alone, and the blogs are a source of information for people who are just getting help for the first time. The founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank, saw that there was a gap in mental health care options, and Talkspace will be able to fill that void.

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JoJo Hedaya develops Unroll Me which is an Email Organization Tool

Communication via the use of emails is one of the best as you can access it everywhere. These messages sometimes are disturbing as they begin filling up your inbox and eventually an icon containing a three-digit pop in your screen to notify you of the up-surging number of unread emails. However, the big question is how can one filter these emails so that you can retain what is important and discard the rest.

It poses a challenge as sometimes you may find that some of the important messages are deep inside the junk emails. It is not advisable to completely get rid of the spam emails as you can find them useful at later date. At times Jojo Hedaya used to complain that his partner in business was not replying his emails simply because he couldn’t locate them. The problem of having too much spam emails in his inbox motivated Jojo Hedaya to come up with a solution to this menace by creating an application known as Unroll Me. This application was to be used as an email organizing tool.

According to his partner Unroll me was developed out of the frustrations that many people were going through. He also confirmed that more than 80% of the emails in our inbox are spam and they include emails such as newsletters, updates, and subscriptions. Therefore, they had to come up with an application to solve this. This application analysis all the emails in seconds and groups them into various categories which is referred to as Rollup. After the analysis is done, one can be able to go through all his subscriptions and also unsubscribe from those active subscriptions that are unnecessary.

After Unroll Me was successfully launched in the market, Slice which is a shopping and package tracking application acquired this firm. The firms, however, however, did not disclose the details of this acquisitions. Under the leadership of Jojo Hedaya, Unroll Me had managed to acquire more than 1.3 subscribers to this service. This was an impressive performance as it only had about 100000 users by August 2013. Currently, Unroll Me has its headquarters in New York and it is run as a subsidiary firm of Slice which is run by Rakuten.

Heather Parry’s Insights her Involvement in the Production of ‘A Star is Born’

The president of Live Nation Heather Parry said that once she heard that Bradley Cooper was directing ‘A Star is Born’ she reached out to him through his agent. She narrates how she asked Dave Bugliari, Cooper’s agent how her company Live Nation could be involved with the film. Heather Parry says that her company had venues, concert tours and festivals that could be utilized by Cooper to develop a market for his movie. She then connected with both Cooper and Martha Stewart one of the film producers to pitch her interest in getting involved with the filming of the movie. They agreed to let her as she was passionate about a robust media marketing strategy.

Heather Parry’s Passion in Marketing

Heather Parry is likened to a walking LinkedIn profile as her vigor is easily seen from her passion. She cannot let an opportunity to pass her; she has brought this energy and productivity to Live Nation Productions. Combs says that Parry is the force against the success of Live Nations as she is self-driven brilliant and ready to break through in the industry. She, therefore, is willing to keep pushing her work of creativity.

Heather Parry’s Career and Work in the Film Industry

Among her work is ‘The Week in Rock,’ ‘The Longest Yard’ while working at MTV parent where she had the chance to produce ‘The House of Bunny’ among other works. She later moved to Live Nation where she was able to promote music-related films; her talent was fully exploited when shooting ‘A Star is Born.’ Live Nation Production has over 100 music festivals under their name making it one of the biggest companies in the production of music related entertainment.

Reasons Why BoF Honored Richard Liu Qiangdong Efforts in Fashion Business

Last year, Richard Liu Qiangdong received many awards and recognition in the world of business and innovations. One of these recognitions was his contribution to the growth of the world of fashion around Asia by the famous BoF. This recognition came at the best time in his career because apart from running one of the fastest growing e-commerce entity, he is passionate about empowering different people, especially young people. In the recognition ceremony, BoF pointed that this professional is one of the people that giving young fashion designers a platform to interact with the potential client and in return make sales.

This recognition illustrates who Richard Liu Qiangdong is as far as empowerment and creating an enabling environment is concerned. In one of the interviews he did in 2018, he pointed out that the main reasons he has always been passionate about giving new creatives and business people a chance to grow are that some people also trusted in his vision. Liu, for example, had a brilliant idea in the early 2004 but he lacked the financial capacity to make this vision a reality. Fortunately, different companies such as Wechat gave him partnership deals, which made his inspirations of having a competitive e-commerce a reality.

In addition to working with companies and investment entities in growth journey, Richard Liu Qiangdong understands the beauty of working with different entities. Apart from funding, Liu believes that is only through partnerships that most of the challenges in the business world will get a solution. It is because of this understanding that Richard Liu Qiangdong has collaborated with different institutions around the world in an attempt to improve the operations of He points out that some of these institutions include educational institutions and tech companies. Just in 2018, the company collaborated with two tech companies in order to learn and understand the modern consumer an in return improve the quality of services.

Regardless of the project, he and the company are part of Liu points out that his major aspiration is always to give clients more than just good services. He pointed out that this approach has always made his company stand out from the rest.

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Sunday Riley, the Woman, the Brand

Texas born entrepreneur, Sunday Riley, gets her name from her father who wanted her to have a great business name. Intuition proved, skin-care enthusiasts know the Sunday Riley beauty brand, founded in 2009, for being effective skin-care, and for what Riley calls its “green technology,” where science-based active ingredients are balanced with botanicals.

Success is the overall feel of the company, and Good Genes is a top seller that is known for being a powerful product that produces results. The Sunday Riley beauty brand is also noticing consumers boosting sales in the products—Power Couple which contains Good Genes, U.F.O., C.E.O., Luna, and Tidal—and shoppers are also displaying support in the acne domain of the brand as well.

Riley credits success in the creation of the products to encompassing the full experience that the product is expected to provide. With a vast knowledge of cosmetic formulation, Riley uses a lot of trial and error amalgamated with chemistry to create the perfect product—textures, scents, etc.— to the consumer.

If you want great skin, Sunday Riley says you’ve got to start with the first—and oftentimes missed—step of washing your face and exfoliating because even an infinitude of the best cosmetic products will be ineffective on dead skin cells. She shares her own skin care routine that includes washing her face twice daily and using various products from the line such as Good Genes, C.E.O vitamin C serum, and Tidal. Before applying foundation, Riley protects her face with sunscreen. At night, after the second face wash, Riley will use Luna, followed by Tidal or C.E.O. cream, and a once a week usage of U.F.O. to clear the pores, not omitting the occasional massage with Juno, which Riley expresses an affinity of, stating that it’s an item in her purse.

Foundation is the latest development in the Sunday Riley brand. The sheer formulation has a minimum of 20 shades, which can diverge into two or three additional different skin shades, and leaves a “real skin finish.” And for hair enthusiasts, it may be a possibility that Sunday Riley could someday expand into the hair industry, with Riley expressing a love of the industry that she would engage in in a heartbeat.

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Marc Beer’s Campaign for Better Women Health

Women play an essential role in society. They are known for putting things in order and usually have a motherly approach when handling different situations. That is why there is a famous quote that says ‘If a Woman is educated then the whole society is educated.’ However, most of them don’t have stable jobs as compared to their male counterparts. There are some employers that sideline women on the context that they don’t deliver much. This misconception is however not true because research has shown that actually, the accuracy levels of dedicated women are high. More and more women are currently coming out to claim jobs that were initially thought to be hard. Thanks to the numerous campaigns all over the globe; women are deemed equal to men nowadays.


Women Health


The initial discrimination has made some women vulnerable to health problems since most of them can’t afford to pay the hospital bills that accompany any form of treatment. Some have resorted to staying back at home even though their health is at stake and keeps on deteriorating as days pass by. That is why many well-wishers have popped in to help such women. One individual who has done exemplary work in this sector is Marc Beer.


Marc Beer is a philanthropic entrepreneur whose works have inspired more people to join in the campaign of improving women health. He has numerous projects that have helped out women in their time of need especially in regards to their health.


The Campaign


The former Chief of Aegerion, Mr. Marc Beer, started a mind-blowing campaign that witnessed him raise $42 million which will be used to operate a startup medtech company, Renovia Inc. The company seeks to address the problems caused by pelvic disorders on women.


Renovia Inc has professionals who work day in day out to come up with therapeutic products used to treat pelvic floor disorders. Researchers claim that more than 250 million women are affected by this type of disorder especially urinary inconsistency which is more popular among the number of those affected.


Leading Healthcare Investors like The Longwood firm have pumped in capital into Marc Beer’s startup. They hope that the experts at Renovia Inc will come up with long-lasting solutions regarding diagnosis and the general improvement of women’s health globally. Healthcare costs are also expected to drop significantly as a result of better medication.


Marc Beer’s first venture after leaving Aegerion in 2015 has been a significant success. His involvement in raising funds that will witness a major transformation in the women health is quite impressive. He is a man who has the interest of improving the health sector to greater heights. Learn more: