Gareth Henry Sees Quantitative Investing as the Future of Investing

Financial expert Gareth Henry sees a financial trend, quantitative investing, that could make some waves in the ever changing sector. Before we explore Gareth Henry’s expert thoughts on this subject we should first explore what makes him so qualified to make this claim.

Gareth Edwards is a uniquely experienced individual. His formal education was focused on mathematics. This gave him a high level of expertise where numbers are concerned. During his career he has also developed an intense love and affinity for customer service work. This makes him a very rare mind in the financial sector and has led to quantifiable success.

After he finished his education at Scotland’s prestigious Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh he held various positions in the financial sector. He spent a short time as an analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP, and from there he moved to Schroders, which is a global management firm, where he served as Director of Strategic Solutions. This led to Gareth Henry being highly coveted in the financial sector and led to more challenging and rewarding jobs.

Now that we know Gareth’s qualifications we can move on to discussing Gareth’s thoughts on the rising trend of quantitative investing. Quantitative investing is utilizing trading strategies based on mathematical computations. This type of analysis helps them to identify good investment opportunities.

Large hedge funds are increasingly using these techniques to buy hundreds of thousands of shares of stocks. Individual investors also have adopted these techniques to manage investments.

Gareth Henry believes that quantitative investing is becoming so popular because it helps to take the emotion out of investing. It uses real data and past trends to try to predict what may happen in the future.

Gareth Henry has established himself as a titan in the financial sector. His unique mathematical and customer service experience gives him a special insight into the investment market. Gareth has expressed his opinion that quantitative investing, using hard data to analyze the past and predict the future, is an effective way to manage an investment portfolio for large funds and individual investors alike.

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