Heather Parry’s Insights her Involvement in the Production of ‘A Star is Born’

The president of Live Nation Heather Parry said that once she heard that Bradley Cooper was directing ‘A Star is Born’ she reached out to him through his agent. She narrates how she asked Dave Bugliari, Cooper’s agent how her company Live Nation could be involved with the film. Heather Parry says that her company had venues, concert tours and festivals that could be utilized by Cooper to develop a market for his movie. She then connected with both Cooper and Martha Stewart one of the film producers to pitch her interest in getting involved with the filming of the movie. They agreed to let her as she was passionate about a robust media marketing strategy.

Heather Parry’s Passion in Marketing

Heather Parry is likened to a walking LinkedIn profile as her vigor is easily seen from her passion. She cannot let an opportunity to pass her; she has brought this energy and productivity to Live Nation Productions. Combs says that Parry is the force against the success of Live Nations as she is self-driven brilliant and ready to break through in the industry. She, therefore, is willing to keep pushing her work of creativity.

Heather Parry’s Career and Work in the Film Industry

Among her work is ‘The Week in Rock,’ ‘The Longest Yard’ while working at MTV parent where she had the chance to produce ‘The House of Bunny’ among other works. She later moved to Live Nation where she was able to promote music-related films; her talent was fully exploited when shooting ‘A Star is Born.’ Live Nation Production has over 100 music festivals under their name making it one of the biggest companies in the production of music related entertainment.

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