Reasons Why BoF Honored Richard Liu Qiangdong Efforts in Fashion Business

Last year, Richard Liu Qiangdong received many awards and recognition in the world of business and innovations. One of these recognitions was his contribution to the growth of the world of fashion around Asia by the famous BoF. This recognition came at the best time in his career because apart from running one of the fastest growing e-commerce entity, he is passionate about empowering different people, especially young people. In the recognition ceremony, BoF pointed that this professional is one of the people that giving young fashion designers a platform to interact with the potential client and in return make sales.

This recognition illustrates who Richard Liu Qiangdong is as far as empowerment and creating an enabling environment is concerned. In one of the interviews he did in 2018, he pointed out that the main reasons he has always been passionate about giving new creatives and business people a chance to grow are that some people also trusted in his vision. Liu, for example, had a brilliant idea in the early 2004 but he lacked the financial capacity to make this vision a reality. Fortunately, different companies such as Wechat gave him partnership deals, which made his inspirations of having a competitive e-commerce a reality.

In addition to working with companies and investment entities in growth journey, Richard Liu Qiangdong understands the beauty of working with different entities. Apart from funding, Liu believes that is only through partnerships that most of the challenges in the business world will get a solution. It is because of this understanding that Richard Liu Qiangdong has collaborated with different institutions around the world in an attempt to improve the operations of He points out that some of these institutions include educational institutions and tech companies. Just in 2018, the company collaborated with two tech companies in order to learn and understand the modern consumer an in return improve the quality of services.

Regardless of the project, he and the company are part of Liu points out that his major aspiration is always to give clients more than just good services. He pointed out that this approach has always made his company stand out from the rest.

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