Sandy Chin Hosts A Summer Books Donation Drive For PS11 In New York

Apart from leading a highly successful career in finance and founding an equally successful alternative investment firm, Sandy Chin is also an avid reader. This is evidenced by the fact that she would go on and name her two children Taggart and Nolan after fictional characters from her favorite fiction books.

She hopes to inculcate the reading culture in more than her children and this has seen her taking a leading role in advocating for the allocation of more resources to PS11, an elementary school in New City where her children school. She even organized a summer books donation drive for the school based in New York City’s Westside.

Why do the books drive?

Sandy Chin notes that most summer engagements tend to draw children away from books and this often has a negative impact on their reading level. She mentions that when children don’t have access to reading materials like books and library service or aren’t motivated to read during the three-month summer break, their reading grade level tends to backslide.

The drive was, therefore, a call to parents and members of NYC’s Westside community to donate books to help the PS11 kindergarteners maintain their reading grade levels over the summer holidays. The reception and overwhelming support that the dive received would, however, see almost every student in the school took home a free book.

Books, boxes, and bodies

According to dailyforexreport, the drive dubbed ‘Books, Boxes, and Bodies’ was a call for parents to donate reading materials for the kindergarteners at PS11. Most parents and donors are however not familiar with the different reading grade levels and brought forth books of higher reading grade levels.

Sandy Chin and her team spent time sorting the over 3,500 books donated to the school according to the reading grades and that’s how almost every other student in the various grades were able to afford a summer book to carry home.

More about Sandy Chin

Chin studied law but would find great interest in finance and investment during her gap year that she decided to opt for a career in the industry. She started off as an Analyst at the Bank of America Corporation before moving to Neuberger Berman LLC and Visium Asset Management where she served as Vice President and portfolio manager respectively. Today, Sandy serves as the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital, an alternative investment company specializing in consumer staples.


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