Edwin Miranda Has The Pulse Of Businesses And Consumers

Edwin Miranda founded KOI IXS in 1994 where he presently serves as their CEO. KOI ISX is a full-service performance marketing company. Miranda wanted to create a marketing company that could give business owners the edge in the competitive business industry of today. Edwin Miranda feels grateful for having a talented and passionate group of designers, strategists, and creators. Miranda had been planning to create a KOI ISX business from the time he was 21.

Edwin Miranda’s workday starts at 5:30 a.m. every day. Miranda believes it’s excellent business practice being the workday early. The first thing Miranda does is check his email and news feed to keep up with his clients and projects. After a light breakfast and a half hour run on his stationary bike, Miranda is ready to drop his children off at school before heading down the office. Every day at 7:30 a.m. sharp, Miranda is ready for daily meeting.

Edwin Miranda finds attribution and predictive marketing exciting. Miranda checks his lists for morning and evening tasks that he writes the night before. His experience with trial and error has brought him closer to success. One lesson he learned is to plan ahead.

Advertising can annoy people because it doesn’t get to the point. Edwin Miranda believes that AI can make the advertising more interesting to the public and less frustrating. Historical data is hard to understand because it doesn’t record emotional feelings. If someone was just in a car accudent, he isn’t in the mood for a new car. Artificial Intelligence can record human emotion in their data better than typical advertisers. It is possible to create ads that could relate to the viewer who was just in the car accident. If the viewers don’t relate to the sd, they won’t buy.

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