Dabie Tsai’s Views on How to Embrace Big Data and AI in Accounting

Technology in accounting is one of the most discussed concepts in the world of management and, more importantly, in the future of accounting. There are multiple views on technology and accounting, but Dabie Tsai has one of the best professional opinions on the effects of technology in the accounting world.

First, she believes that the technology wave is important in the world of management and, more importantly, in the world of auditing and accounting. Tsai points out that what is achievable now was far fetched merely two decades ago. The ability to make better decisions is now possible due to the technological tools available in the world of finance. Dabie Tsai has seen both a technologically advanced environment and an environment that did not have the best technology tools in her client service career, and believes it is critical in today’s world to invest in the right technology.

Second, Dabie Tsai is a believer in the beauty of AI and big data in making accounting morevaluable. Tsai believes that data analytics can help management make better decisions by arming them with more comprehensive information.

More interesting facts about Tsai´s career at https://gazetteday.com/2018/11/dabie-tsai-accountant/

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