Isabel dos Santos: Education and Empowerment in One

People who are educated will be able to adapt to social and economic changes as well as overcoming their challenges and failures in life. An Angolan businesswoman who is currently Africa’s richest woman and popularly known as the eldest child of the former president of Angola is Isabel dos Santos. With a net worth of almost $3 billion US Dollars, Isabel remained humble and continuously reaches out to people by focusing on their needs as well as prioritizing education all throughout their country, particularly to the youth. Being a successful woman in a world that has been dominated by man was not an easy task for Isabel, yet she conquered it as an African woman and became empowered than ever.

The Epitome of an Empowered Woman

According to a recent interview with Isabel dos Santos, she sees a steady growth of Africa and has a positive vision for it and its people. Opportunities such as developing small business and being able to provide a good quality education that is private as well as health care clinics that are technologically advanced.

Isabel is very positive about their growth as a nation and she wants all people to invest in education especially for adults who have children. Bigger opportunities await those went through education for it is very significant in attaining a person’s success in life. Truth be told, Isabel dos Santos knows education is the key to success especially in our world today where competition is tough and heavy. In order to be able to communicate intelligently as well as building yourself and shaping who you are, education is the answer.

In addition to this, Isabel also stated that education boosts the progress of a nation and develops the economic growth of the whole country as well. For Isabel dos Santos, one of the building blocks of a nation is having people that are well educated, and she is very amazed by how education gives people the right perspective of how things work around a nation. The future of a nation would depend on its people, and education fosters principles of equality and socialism.

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