Steve Ritchie Lead in Papa John in Improving Customer Services

Papa John’s growth has been driven by Steve Ritchie who has shown his incredible leadership skills. He is the CEO of Papa John, one of the giant Pizzas distributing company in the U.S. The company has opened other outlets in different countries thus having millions of clients all over the world. Papa John has established its outlets in various states in the U.S and other countries around the globe. Steve Ritchie has shown his expertise in the company for over twenty years. In the company, he has held different roles in growing his rich experience. It was in the year 2006 that the Papa John’s leader developed his franchise hence distributing food products in the local market.

Besides working for Papa John, Steve Ritchie has worked in other companies in the food production industry. He has been able to balance his skills in the different sectors of marketing and brand promotion. In these company, he developed managerial skills as well as offering advisory services on the market insights. Papa John has owed their success to him as he has been able to pull out his skills thus increasing production.

Born and raised in Louisville, Steve Ritchie started his pizza shop that attracted many customers due to the outstanding customer services. It was in his startup that he learned put passion in his foray. He distributed world class pizzas to the residents thus gaining his name. Through his leadership, Papa John has learned to embrace teamwork thus creating a secure working environment. Steve Ritchie has bagged several awards while working in the company as he strives to meet the world sustainable solutions.

Also, Papa John has been using technological advancements to increase production. These strategies will help improve consumer services. Besides using technology to improve their sales, the company has developed other platforms in social media where clients can order their sales. Steve Ritchie has facilitated the company in creating jobs for American residents as well as other residents of the various outlets. Today, he is a member of the Board of Directors of different companies due to his diligence in work.


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