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Ted Bauman first joined Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2013. Since joining the team, Bauman has gone on to become the lead editor for the Plan B Club, the Alpha Stock Alert, and the Bauman Letter. Over the past half decade or so, Ted Bauman has established himself as an authoritative voice with regards to government oversight, corporate greed, and the benefits of self-reliance. Today, we are going to spend a little bit of time getting to know Ted Bauman so that we can see what brought him to become the worker he is today.

Ted Bauman has lived truly global life. After being born in the United States, Bauman would go on to relocate to South Africa. Bauman would emigrate to Cape Town, South Africa, in order to study at the University of Cape Town. Bauman would secure his History and Economics degree en route to working in the private sector. In Cape Town, Bauman would become known for his work in the non-profit sector, working as fund manager for housing projects in lower income areas. One of Bauman’s most celebrated efforts involves the Slum Dwellers Internationals foundation which has helped over 14 million people throughout the world. While Bauman made a huge impact in South Africa, the country was not his home. Bauman has since moved back to Atlanta, GA, where he lives with his family and works with Banyan Hill Publishing Company.

As a writer, Bauman knows that his day is often decided before the sun rises. Bauman gets up early in the morning in order to get ahead of his work before taking his children to school. Once his children are out there door, Bauman goes back to his desk where he commits to his projects. In order to succeed in Bauman’s specific niche, he has to stay updated on all of the moving parts within the economic world. As a result, Bauman is as often doing research as he is working on columns. Bauman’s goal is to use his real-life research in order to teach his readers about the concepts that they need to embrace in order to succeed both financially and emotionally.

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