Barbara Stokes’ and The Habitat for Humanity

Barbara Stokes created increased cellular activity at the Huntsville Company social media pages after she contributed resources valued at $50000 to the Habitat for Humanity. The Habitat for Humanity is a facility that has helped a lot in the development of housing facilities in the Madison area. The institution provides homes at cheap prices to individuals of natural calamities. Read this article at

Their houses are affordable since the only cost that buyers incur is that of the construction materials. Through the contribution that Barbara Stokes has made to the organization, the initial price is going to decrease further making the houses readily available to potential buyers. The Habitat for Humanity provides homes free of mortgages enabling everyone to purchase the homes without fear of eviction.The Habitat for Humanity launched in 1987 an has been running since then.


From its establishment, the facility has constructed many homes in Madison County. Barbara stokes provide the Habitat for Humanity with drywall and hardie fascia board. According to the Manager of the institution, the two materials will be used to build about ten homes in Madison while the remaining construction resources will be put into other projects and programs of the Habitat for Humanity. Barbara Stokes has previously worked together with the Habitat for Humanity where she also contributed construction facilities. The two are working hand in hand to better housing facilities to individuals of the area. Habitat for Humanity will use the provided facilities to increase the number of homes in Madison. The institution sells their homes at affordable prices and gets rid of mortgages. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.


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