Nina Vaca Builds a Charitable Foundation Alongside Her Business

Pinnacle Group is a company that pairs businesses with technical employees. Nina Vaca started it over two decades ago. Her journey to success began in Ecuador. When she was still a child, her parents immigrated to the United States. With the determination and support of her family, she set out on her own and began Pinnacle Group. Her business flourished, and it became one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. As the business grew, Vaca found time to give back to her community.

One area she focused on was inspiring other business women. Throughout the year, Vaca can be found giving talks at women’s groups or conventions. She shares with others the struggles she had at the beginning and how she overcame many of the roadblocks. Vaca hopes that her difficulties, coupled with her successes, will encourage other women to keep working on their businesses and lives. Vaca juggled work and children for many years, and now she has added the Nina Vaca Foundation to that list.

She started her foundation because she felt the need to give back. She helps individuals across the globe. Her foundation supported families in Ecuador after an earthquake, and the families eventually were able to rebuild their homes and grow crops on their land. Vaca wanted these people to have a fresh start and gain some self-sufficiency through the cultivation of the land and gardens.

Vaca has made a path for other women in business. She did not set out to become a role model, but she found that it was easy to reach out and help others.

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