Smita Shah Overcomes Challenges In The STEM Fields & Recommends Other Women Do The Same

The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields have been filled with riddles since they first became industries, which is something that Smita Shah has always had a passion for. Shah has worked in the engineering field for her entire career, something which stems from the fact that she excelled in math and its related areas while at school. Because the field is typically male-dominated, she notes that it has often been difficult for women, among some minority groups, to excel in.


However, Smita Shah has been able to overcome many of the challenges that this has placed in her path; she currently serves as the CEO of Spaan Tech, a company she founded in 1998 and grown extensively in the two decades since then. Despite the barriers that many women may face in the engineering field, Shah encourages them to pursue the career, as she highlights the fact that women can often become much more successful in the area than they might believe.


Smita Shah has noted that engineering, as well as each of the other STEM fields, is an important and noble profession which can be incredibly rewarding for those that enter it, which is one of the primary reasons why she recommends women work the niche. However, she’s also noted that women should support and help each other throughout their journey in the field, which is something that she has extensive experience as a keynote speaker and influential business leader within the industry.


Since launching Spaan Tech, Smita Shah has led it to become an award-winning company, receiving accolades from Inc Magazine and much more. Much of this has been driven by her passion for solving riddles, which has allowed her and the rest of the Spaan Tech field to tackling complicated projects with relative ease. When challenges have presented themselves, Shah has been known to embrace them with a calm mind so that she can more easily overcome them, which has played a significant factor in both her and Spaan Tech’s growth and experience in the past two decades.


In the over 20 years since it was started, the business has handled various bridge and road construction projects, as well as public system integration and much more. Spaan Tech has also been involved in a variety of tech-related engineering projects, ranging from roofing to solar panel installations and grid integration, among many others. Learn more:


In the years since she began her career in the field, Smita Shah has been involved with a variety of companies and organizations, often serving on their board of directors, where she has received various accolades. She also holds experience working in a White House administration and has received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for her work.  Connect with Smita on LinkedIn

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