Sustainable Food Solutions That Lasts A Lifetime: OSI Industries

OSI Industries, a global leader in food services, is one of the most celebrated food processors in the 21st century. This particular leading food supplier has a history that dates back beyond the turn of the 20th century. OttoKolschowski, the company’s founder, moved to America and opened a family-owned meat market. This meat market was the inception of OSI Industries, and it was just one of many agriculture based businesses that was popping up during the early 1900s. The Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, was the focal point for thousands of immigrants. At one point in time, the city’s population was composed of 25 percent German-immigrants.

As of today, OSI Industries is a global food processor that employs more than 20,000individuals. The company has facilities in 17 different countries, and there is a total of 65 facilities in all. Having the ability to stay competitive is something that OSI has done for many years. The company has been able to adapt with the times. When new and emerging technologies come into play, OSI has been right there to capitalize. KFC, Burger King, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks are just some of the many high profile brands that OSI has worked with throughout the years.

McDonald’s, the famous hamburger chain, was OSI Industries’ first high-profile client. Company leaders agreed that OSI would become McDonald’s main processor of beef patties. In 1955, OSI catered to McDonald’s needs by building a plant that specifically produced beef patties. From the flash-freeze capabilities of cryogenics to the processing power of high capacity production lines, this food processor has implemented them all. OSI Industries has made a huge impact in the lives of billions of people, and it’s looking to continue its dominance even further in the coming decades.


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