Former Tyson Foods Plant on South Side was Acquired by the OSI Group for $7.4M

The Aurora-based processed food company OSI Group had acquired Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for early for $7.4 million in early 2016, according to the official records with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. The acquisition of the food plant had offered employment to more than 200 former employees of Tyson Foods with the OSI.

A spokesperson for the OSI Group said that they could not reveal the information about the future plans for the facility as well as the products and its consumers. A brief announcement on the company’s website dating back to June 8th, 2016 said that the 200,000 square-foot facility located in the Back of the Yards neighbouhood would provide the necessary infrastructure to the other facilities in Chicago for supporting continued business growth.

According to Kevin Scott, senior executive vice president of the OSI, the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago will greatly enhance the company’s capacity and will help meet the evolving needs of its customers. With operations in 16 countries and more than 60 facilities, OSI Group is a privately held company known for its wide-ranging meat products such as breakfast sausage and bacon.

Initially known as Otto’s Meat Market, the OSI Group, LLC was founded in 1909 and had later changed its name to Otto & Sons in 1928 and OSI Industries, LLC in 1975. They also supply various processed food products to many retail brands as specified on the company’s website. The company has been a recipient of several accolades and ranks 58th on the Forbes list of largest private companies in the US. OSI Group is also known to be the sixth-largest meat/poultry/seafood processor according to a recent report by the Refrigerated and Frozen Foods magazine.

Tyson Foods, on the other hand, was known for preparing meals for the hospitality industry. Tempura chicken, omelettes, soups, sauces and meatballs are a few among the several items made by them. At the time of closing, the executives of the company said that the Chicago facility couldn’t keep up with changing consumer demands. The other two facilities owned by Tyson Foods at 3548 N. Kostner Ave, and offices at 400 S. Jefferson St., are currently in operation. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

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LocationSmart: A New Location Services Platform Expanding in Canada

LocationSmart is a company that provides location services to mobile phones, and they are currently recognized as the largest company in the industry. Last year, LocationSmart announced that they will be expanding their services to Canada, benefiting more than 30 million mobile subscribers.

The expansion of the platform was decided by the company’s executives who have seen a lot of potentials for the company to grow if they will be tapping into the Canadian market.

LocationSmart highlighted that the company will be providing services like SMS, secured network location, and consent management among others. Additionally, 90% of all mobile users in the country will be given access to various contents available on the platform that will give them a better mobile experience.

Network location services have been available to Canadians for so many years, and it can be achieved by working directly with the major wireless carriers, as well as their subsidiaries. After the subscriber has given the consent, businesses in Canada can locate a mobile device in real time, even without the help of software programs or mobile applications.

However, LocationSmart delivers the services better because they ensure the safety of those who are using the platform. Consent management, which is one of the major features of LocationSmart, allows the user to locate a device securely. In addition to the consent management feature, users of LocationSmart can locate different types of mobile devices. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

It is important to obtain real-time information for those who are using mobile devices, and locating them exactly would be helpful for many services such as roadside assistance, transaction verification, and toll-free call routing.

The chief executive officer of LocationSmart, Mario Proietti, stated that the expansion of the company to Canada opens up new opportunities for the locals. He added that they will also develop new apps that would be catered to the public, hoping that it will allow them to discover new opportunities for the people.

A beta version of the program was released in Canada last year, allowing the public to try out LocationSmart. The platform has shown a lot of potential after its implementation, and the company is having an optimistic view of how the app can be used by many people living in Canada.

LocationSmart has become one of the most trusted companies that provide location services. Their decision to expand will be helping the company in terms of becoming more popular, and when the Canadians discover how helpful their application is, the company would have the chance to introduce more software programs that have been developed by the company.

LocationSmart is looking forward to providing assistance to the 30 million mobile phone subscribers in Canada, and if they turned out to be successful they can start reaching to other countries to expand further.

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Bernardo Chua Establishes Highly Successful Supplements Company In Canada

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur who lives in Vancouver, BC. He first arrived in Canada from the Philippines in 2003. While in the Philippines, he had been an executive at Gano Excel, a firm that sold supplements. He arrived at this company after having been very successful managing a travel agency.

He joined the supplements industry after having been recruited due to his extensive knowledge about traditional Asian medicines. Growing up in a family that was from China, Bernardo Chua learned all about the herbs, mushrooms, and other consumables that help people be healthy.

He founded Organo Gold in 2008 and is the chief executive officer. His company sells healthy beverages including coffee, tea, and shakes. Each of these products has been infused with Ganoderma Lucidum. This is a substance that is derived from the lingzhi mushroom. It is believed to have several health benefits as it boosts the immune system and is a good source of antioxidants. More information about Chua and his company can be found on Linkedin

Bernardo Chua is an expert when it comes to selling products through a direct sales system. Rather than selling his products in stores, they are only sold through independent contractors. His company now has a million independent contractors that work in Canada, the United States, Asia, and Europe.

He makes sure that Organo Gold remains at the forefront of health trends. His latest supplement is one that contains grapeseed oil extract. Grapes are very healthy as are its seeds. This extract contains Procyanidolic Oligomer which is a powerful antioxidant. This compound removes free radicals from the body. Other healthy things in grapeseed oil extract are flavonoids, Linoleic Acid, vitamin E, and resveratrol.

As a philanthropist, he also established the OG Cares Foundation. This charitable arm of Organo Gold teaches leadership skills to teens and young adults. These skills are taught to be around the world. To learn more, visit at

Your Home’s Energy with Agera Energy

If you have a home that needs better energy service, you know how important it is to make use of a provider you can trust. Follow Agera Energy on

With Agera Energy, there is no question in having a reliable, optional service that works best for your needs. You are going to find that this particular company is right for your household needs and gets you the right type of electricity or fuel that you require. Read more about Agera Energy at

There are so many benefits to choosing the Agera Energy company and it is why a lot of individuals are choosing this option. You can get to know more about the Agera Energy company by reading reviews or checking them out on social media like Facebook. You can connect to other people who have already made use of the Agera Energy company and are happy with what this particular type of company has been able to provide to them.


Why Clients Choose Fortress Investment Group For Asset Management

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that was expertly designed to create investment portfolios and to manage those portfolios. The company has certainly been known for making history. A case of this occurred when the company first went public. In 2007, it debuted as the first public investment firm to appear on the New York Stock Exchange with such a high IPO.

Fortress Investment Group is the type of company that benefits their clients in so many ways. The company offers help with operational management, capital markets, industry knowledge and other forms of investments. The company has risen to the top of the investment strategy world by managing tens of billions of dollars of assets for clients. The firm is primarily ran out of New York City with several offices located around the world. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger are the founders of the asset management firm.

The key areas of focus is what sets Fortress Investment Group apart from the competition. Operational management is one of the key areas. Operational management primarily covers the operations need to run a successful business. Fortress helps clients run their businesses professionally.

Asset based funding is the second key core area the company focuses on. The firm can instruct clients on ways to see the most benefits from their asset based investments. These investments typically include real estate investments and other business ventures.

Clients flock to Fortress for guidance over their business acquisitions and business mergers. The firm has many elite business people as clients. These clients need an elite team of investment and economic experts to oversee the sale of a business, as well as the combination of companies.

Fortress Investment Group is a brilliant firm that manages stock market and venture capital investments. Financing for these type of investments is something Fortress helps clients who are wanting to know their financial options. What’s more, the firm can arrange agreements, concepts and contracts for various ventures.

Fortress Investment Group has a final key area that consists of industry knowledge. Industry knowledge includes knowing about various business sectors, industry insiders and all economic news that investors would need to know in order to succeed with their investments.

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Dick DeVos Wears Hats for Both Business and Philanthropy

Dick DeVos comes from a wealthy family, and has always used his wealth and influence in politics and philanthropy. Education has been one of his biggest initiatives. Dick DeVos can add to his credit an aviation high school at Grand Rapids International Airport. His wife, Betsy, is also on the same track. The family’s goals are to help children from poor families have access to the same opportunities the DeVos family children had.


While Dick DeVos and his wife make a powerful team, their efforts to shape public opinion have not always been successful. In 2000, voters rejected the DeVos plan to create vouchers funded by taxes. Students attending private schools would have benefited. Those opposing the amendment felt that tax dollars would divert from public schools. Dick DeVos also lost a bid to become governor in 2006.


The DeVos family is not one to give up easily once they have their mind set on something. They simply shifted their push for private school vouchers to specific areas of the country. As a result, there are 24 states, including the District of Columbia, that allow for some form of school vouchers for students to attend private schools.

The advocacy of Betsy DeVos is what attracted the attention of President Donald Trump. This is why he appointed her as U.S. Secretary of Education. She was narrowly confirmed through a heated debate over her qualifications.


Dick DeVos is also known for his leadership role in Amway where he held a number of high profile positions. His father started the company. His leadership allowed the company to open new markets in 18 countries besides North America. Dick DeVos brings a lot of business savvy to all of his business enterprises and philanthropic efforts.

Dick DeVos hopes that charter schools have had a positive impact in Michigan. He feels that traditional schools will have to take a closer look at their programs and begin to make improvements.


Much of the charitable giving offered by the DeVos family goes to education groups, think tanks that lean conservative, and business development initiatives in their home state of Michigan. The DeVos family is a dynamic force.


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From Rags To Riches

In 1998 Asia was going through an economic crisis. Vijay Eswaran and his partners decided to take advantage of the situation. They purchased office space and hired high skilled tech workers and Vijay became founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. Today these companies are a multinational conglomerate with interests in direct selling, real estate, education, technology, and hospitality.

In the last 20 years, his network of skilled workers trained and empowered over one million entrepreneurs across the world’s most emerging industries. He created a system reducing the time and cost of starting a business. Asian hospitality brands are reshaping the global travel industry. Malaysian entrepreneurs are changing traveling within the region with the ride and share concept created by Grab. China’s company, SenseTime is the world’s largest AI start-up in facial recognition technology. Singapore’s company, Visenze is revolutionizing e-commerce businesses through an image recognition tool. India is in a great position for startups to create business solutions affecting their daily basic needs.

The accomplished entrepreneur, economist, motivational speaker, and philanthropist Vijay Eswaran is also an author. “Two Minutes From The Abyss, 11 Pillars of Life Management” is a book that master the elements in life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This book motivates you to do better, inspire you to reach your goals in life and enlighten you spiritually. In another one of his books “In The Sphere Of Silence” he shares his life’s secrets to success and how to be still and listen from within to accomplish life goals.

From rags to riches Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group has changed the landscape of Asia, Malaysia, China, India, Singapore and many more. They have increased government investment, improved educational facilities, and led the way for advancement of technology that will dominate industries of all kind around the world.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Introduces Improved Hair Care Products

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has recently come up with a new hair product that will become one of the most in demand in the beauty industry. He and his company have put together a new formula for hair care products that include all-natural ingredients. This will ensure that consumers use the healthiest ingredients available to wash and condition their hair. Within the past few months, the product has become a bestseller and will likely to continue circulating around consumers who are looking for the best hair care products on the market.

In recent years, Dan Bethelmy-Rada found out that many consumers were looking for an alternative to hair products that contain chemicals. The consumers said that the products would sometimes damage their hair. After completing market research, Bethelmy-Rada and his company found an alternative that would satisfy many consumers. The company decided to produce hair products that contained nothing but natural ingredients. These new hair products would not have any toxins that can damage hair. While it would increase production costs, the new all-natural hair products will likely lead to increased sales and higher profits in the long term.

Recently, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his company began producing the new all natural hair products. Shortly after making these new products, the company began to experience favorable results in terms of sales. Many consumers were buying a lot of the product and expressed their overall satisfaction. With more satisfied customers, the company has decided to continue producing more of the all natural hair care products for consumers to purchase. As a result, the company’s reputation has improved very much.

After producing the new all natural hair care products, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his company have received very positive reviews. Many consumers have praised the product due to its ability to help them maintain proper texture as well as style it more easily. They have also revealed that the hair products have also helped consumers avoid damaging their hair as well. With these benefits, the new all-natural hair products have emerged as one of the most popular in the Dan Bethelmy-Rada company line.

Aaron Lupuloff Shows Dedication To the Mission Of The Gwinnett Public School Foundation

Businessman Aaron Lupuloff recently raised money for the Gwinnett Public School Foundation’s Hall of Fame Induction. There were six new inductees into this in 2019 crowd favorite David Saville. David has Down syndrome and recently graduated from Clemson University. During his speech, David said that a bad attitude is the only disability.

Down syndrome is a condition that leads to intellectual delays. David Saville was a student in the Gwinnett Public Schools system growing up. After graduating from high school, he became a student at Clemson and served as the football team’s equipment manager. Aaron Lupuloff said that he was inspired by the story of David and all that he has overcome.

Aaron Lupuloff is a graduate of the University of Alabama. He has a degree in business administration and been in management for more than 20 years. Among the financial companies he has worked for are Bear Stearns, Fifth Third Street Bank Securities, JP Morgan, and Raymond James. He started working in the financial services sector in 1982.

He joined the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation (GCPSF) several years ago and is now its senior executive director. Aaron Lupuloff said that he wanted to give back to the community and make the educational better. The GCPSF is dedicated to helping attain world-class standards in this school district. It has donated over $450,000 to this school district in just 2019 alone. They have also issued 139 scholarships.

GCPSF holds events and fundraisers throughout the course of the year. Aaron Lupuloff invites the public to get involved by attending these events. These events raise money for this nonprofit and make a big impact on both students and teachers. He has had children attend Norcross High School and personally knows the difference his nonprofit makes in helping students graduate from high school and move on to college. You can checkout for more information.