Betsy DeVos Can Envision A World Where Students In The U.S. Are Given Equal Educational Opportunities

Betsy DeVos is a billionaire and educational leader who continues to work towards a better school system in the United States. Her work in Michigan has produced many great results, and she has also worked with leaders in other states to pass legislation that supports economically challenged families. She supported her husband, Dick DeVos, when he worked to pass a piece of legislation in Michigan that helped to cover the tuition costs of charter schools for students who wouldn’t have been able to afford to pay them, otherwise. She has also worked with Democrats in various states to make the matter more of a nonpartisan one.


Betsy DeVos has continued to point to Florida as an example of a state that has been able to serve its students well. The sunshine state created a tax-credit scholarship program that is now supporting more than 50,000 students. These students have been able to study at a school their families approve of, and DeVos has given a lot of praise to John Kirtley for making this all possible. His hard work helped to bring together people from all over the state to support the tax-credit scholarship program, and this has helped to strengthen the program so it won’t be overturned in the future.


Betsy DeVos took part in an interview recently and was asked to talk about other states that have successfully passed similar pieces of legislation as Florida has. She commented that Indiana and Louisiana have been able to do so and that the two states can now support close to one million students every year. She went on to admit that she had taken part in many election cycles in the state in order to help support people who she knew would be an ally to the nation’s students.


Betsy DeVos is now working with the American Federation for Children, which is an educational organization that works towards reforming the educational system in the U.S. The group has discovered that it will take a bipartisan or nonpartisan effort to truly make the kinds of changes that are needed in the long run. As it stands, many Democrats have the support of teachers’ unions, which means their hands are tied when it comes to supporting charter schools or private schools. She has worked with many of these Democrats to try to make it safer for them on a political level to side with families in the nation instead of teachers’ unions.


Betsy DeVos earned her bachelor’s degree in business economics while attending Calvin College. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been responsible for the construction of many of the city’s most important buildings. It is her hope that more people will begin to understand that we live in an age where students don’t have to attend a specific building to receive an education.


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