Maximizing Investment Into Our Greatest Commodity

We have heard it numerous times: the children are the future. Indeed they are, and although most of us realize that our society could probably manage that golden commodity a bit better, unfortunately few know how to make that happen. Then there is someone like Aaron Lupuloff who is fully-aware the United States has rather low scores relative to educational success, which is a bit of a travesty for the nation. It is a blemish, so Aaron Lupuloff has some solutions based on his experience with one of the best school systems in the United States.

There is a model-for-success in the United States in their Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia. This county has received numerous awards for their development of students from ensuring they have technology that fosters advanced learning to having great teachers on staff to mold those young, promising minds. In addition, Gwinnett County has also an athletic program that is designed to have student’s sports activities structured to have them translate to an actual student’s life experience. They must be doing something right as they are the 13th best school in the United States.

Aaron Lupuloff has 5 graduates of the Gwinnett County Public School system, so it was not a stretch for him to become much more involved in the school system by taking on the title of senior executive director of the school’s eponymous foundation. He watched his own children disproportionately benefit from the technological, arts, academics and sports programs of this now-famed school system, so it was easy for him to take over and to start to encourage more financial support on the community’s part for all the great things the school is doing. Donations while Mr. Lupuloff has been in his current role with the foundation have gone up substantially and it is his thought that these donations are providing greater resources to keep Gwinnett County Schools thriving. There might be no better place to make an investment than there is in that of children and the carry-forward benefits are very auspicious indeed. Mr. Lupuloff would like to see this model recreated around this country where this kind of success and reinvestment in children is grossly needed. To know more about Lupuloff visit

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