Sergey Petrossov Creates a Right For Flight

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is one of the coolest apps on the market. From the click of a button on your smart device, you can have a private jet coming your way with little to no effort! You can thank modern-day entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov for this wonderful service! He has become very successful due to his ability to develop handy companies that strongly enhance and share their markets. His first creation was established with the intention to provide better equipment for schools in Russia and Eastern Europe. These countries do not have big budgets but they value education.

His company was created and named it the Federal System of Distance Education. This was an online platform that allowed students to take classes and learn from a technical device. It performed very well and is still used today to enhance students’ educational experiences. This was exactly the kind of success that Sergey wanted but he was not done creating helpful ideas. One day, Sergey Petrossov was invited to fly on a private jet. He took the offer and quickly noticed there were aspects of the business that needed to be fixed. For example, airplanes do not fly half as much as they could be flying. He used the data that he gained and created JetSmarter. Thanks to JetSmarter, more individuals ride on private jets and even helicopters at cheaper rates. Petrossov used data about seating and how many times planes do not fly to reduce the cost and make flying a task that is easier to accomplish.

JetSmarter is very successful and is gaining great benefits. Many investors and powerful figures are stepping up to support JetSmarter and its goal. JetSmarter aims to make flying easier while connecting like-minded individuals who want to fly in comfort and class. The future of flight is very exciting due to the ambitious efforts of Sergey Petrossov.

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