ViSalus–Transforming Your Health


Who is ViSalus?

ViSalus, based in Los Angeles, CA, and Italy, brings healthy lifestyle advice and strategies to the world. Our business model concentrates their efforts into guiding clients and customers to change their overall lifestyle, so they enjoy a healthier future.

ViSalus is a company that focuses on healthy lifestyles. They were started in 2005, and have been pretty successful through the years. They are most well known for their “Body by Vi Challenge”.


What Have we Done?

ViSalus creates health through weight-loss and fitness programs and meal-replacement shakes that take hunger away. We have expanded across the glove to serve over fifteen countries. Our programs have been so successful that we can give back to communities through providing over five-million meals to hungry families and children.


Our Mission

ViSalus strive to transform lives, health and prosperity across the globe. We have chosen to do this through our lifestyle training programs that are inexpensive and easy to do. We do our part to put people together who may help each other and help to provide guidance for budding entrepreneurs through leadership training and contributions.


Core Values

To effectively serve our global network of success, ViSalus has created a concise list of core values. These are: to be inspired and be inspiring, build trust through collaboration, be a good teacher and a better student, think like an entrepreneur; be resourceful, seek simplicity, and challenge yourself and challenge others. Each of these values have become our mantra, our foundation to positive change. Go To This Page for additional information.


Our Business

ViSalus has generated over two-billion dollars in sales and have awarded over one-hundred-million dollars’ worth of products, cash and other prizes. Our company prides itself on being knowledgeable and empowering. We want our clients and future business partners to know we’re friendly and ensure that we are understood. It is important to run our business that others can understand, and ViSalus takes their responsibility seriously.


Global Presence

With offices in Los Angeles, California and in Italy, we are well positioned to service many people on both sides of the globe. Our strategy is simple; help as many as we can while improving our own business model to help even more people change their lives. We do this through support, lifestyle advice, and nutritious meals, drinks, snacks and vitamin supplements that revitalize the body and energize the mind. See This Page for additional information.


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