Blake Mallen Has a Passion for Disrupting Old Business Models and Creating New Ones

Industry observers say the phenomenal business success of Blake Mallen rests partly on his savvy ability to tap into the power of the gig economy. Gig economy jobs are temporary positions most often filled by freelancers or people with regular jobs taking on some extra, temporary work. According to a Gallup poll, 36% of American workers are participating in the gig economy. That translates to 57 million people. Blake Mallen built his own business, ViSalus, by incorporating platforms that would tap into this massive number. Analysts say that Blaken Mallen’s businesses have created more than 300,000 “solopreneurs” over the past 15 years. That includes 16 countries where people have leveraged Mallen’s creations to build self-employed enterprises in their spare time.

With ViSalus, Mallen and his partner, Nick Sarnicola, endeavored to disrupt the direct sales industry by leveraging social networking. They created enticing and attractive opportunities that people could grasp easily and use to envision new possibilities for themselves. It was especially attractive to millennials who think differently about how they want to live and work compared to their parent’s generation. Blake Mallen said the old direct sales model was the precursor of today’s gig economy model. He built on the direct sales model by injecting viral messages into online social media platforms that gave young people an opportunity to “accept a challenge.” This was the initial introduction to his unique brand.

These viral messages were amplified through the powerful platforms of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. Blake Mallen told a business writer recently that he “loves disrupting” and creating new models that leverage outdated models or turn them on their heads when necessary. He said he is passionate about creating innovative platforms in diverse emerging categories. His latest venture, Liv ( appeals to people looking not just for ways to build independent sources of wealth for themselves, but models that allow them to have a lot of fun along the way. It’s not just about challenging people, Mallen said, but providing an opportunity to experience the thrill of the challenge. All of it has made Blake Mallen a successful entrepreneur to watch.



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