Jeremy Goldstein a Pace Setter in The Legal Profession

Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent, influential figure in the legal industry in New York City. He is the founder and managing partner of Goldstein L. Associates a private practice that helps top business executives, management teams, and compensation committees with legal advisories in matters corporate governance, executive compensation, and M&A. Jeremy L. Goldstein is a well-learned attorney. He received a distinction in B.A from Cornell University. Goldstein, in addition, holds an M.A from the prestigious University of Chicago. Goldstein, despite the high academic achievements in arts, felt his calling was not in arts but instead was in law. As a requirement to practice law, one must have a degree in the field, and as a result, Goldstein decided to join the New York University School of law for his degree in law. Goldstein completed his training earned a Juris Doctor Degree and became a qualified lawyer.

Immediately after campus, Jeremy Goldstein got an opportunity to practice law at one of New York’s largest law firm. He grabbed the opportunity by both hands and joined the law firm where he received life-changing experience in the field of mergers and acquisition and executive compensation. Jeremy with time grew as a professional and handled some of the biggest companies that were undergoing restructurings such as the merger between J.P Morgan Chase & Bank One Corporation, AT&T Corp by SBC Communications and the buyout between South African Breweries and Miller Brewing Company among others. From handling such big multinational companies, Goldstein profile grew, and he became one of the most sought after attorneys in New York and beyond. Jeremy, at the height of his career, felt it was time he ventured into entrepreneurship and started his firm. An opportunity to go solo presented itself and Goldstein did not waver but took the step of faith and started his private practice.

In an interview with ideamensch, Jeremy Goldstein said the idea to go independent and form his private practice JLG Associates came to him about a decade ago. Jeremy says at the time; there was much talk concerning issues of conflict of interest in matters executive compensation and corporate governance. As a result, many executive compensation consulting firms started breaking off from larger organizations. The trend made Goldstein start thinking of applying the same methodology in the legal sector. Goldstein, after careful consideration, decided to take a plunge and open his law firm. Goldstein ever since has never looked back and has helped steer his law firm to become one of the favorite law firms for clients not only in New York but the whole of the United States and beyond. Goldstein says one strategy that has helped his business flourish is the strategy of building a good relationship with clients and always keeping in touch even when they do not have active cases.


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