Sustainable Food Solutions That Lasts A Lifetime: OSI Industries

OSI Industries, a global leader in food services, is one of the most celebrated food processors in the 21st century. This particular leading food supplier has a history that dates back beyond the turn of the 20th century. OttoKolschowski, the company’s founder, moved to America and opened a family-owned meat market. This meat market was the inception of OSI Industries, and it was just one of many agriculture based businesses that was popping up during the early 1900s. The Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, was the focal point for thousands of immigrants. At one point in time, the city’s population was composed of 25 percent German-immigrants.

As of today, OSI Industries is a global food processor that employs more than 20,000individuals. The company has facilities in 17 different countries, and there is a total of 65 facilities in all. Having the ability to stay competitive is something that OSI has done for many years. The company has been able to adapt with the times. When new and emerging technologies come into play, OSI has been right there to capitalize. KFC, Burger King, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks are just some of the many high profile brands that OSI has worked with throughout the years.

McDonald’s, the famous hamburger chain, was OSI Industries’ first high-profile client. Company leaders agreed that OSI would become McDonald’s main processor of beef patties. In 1955, OSI catered to McDonald’s needs by building a plant that specifically produced beef patties. From the flash-freeze capabilities of cryogenics to the processing power of high capacity production lines, this food processor has implemented them all. OSI Industries has made a huge impact in the lives of billions of people, and it’s looking to continue its dominance even further in the coming decades.


Nina Vaca Builds a Charitable Foundation Alongside Her Business

Pinnacle Group is a company that pairs businesses with technical employees. Nina Vaca started it over two decades ago. Her journey to success began in Ecuador. When she was still a child, her parents immigrated to the United States. With the determination and support of her family, she set out on her own and began Pinnacle Group. Her business flourished, and it became one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. As the business grew, Vaca found time to give back to her community.

One area she focused on was inspiring other business women. Throughout the year, Vaca can be found giving talks at women’s groups or conventions. She shares with others the struggles she had at the beginning and how she overcame many of the roadblocks. Vaca hopes that her difficulties, coupled with her successes, will encourage other women to keep working on their businesses and lives. Vaca juggled work and children for many years, and now she has added the Nina Vaca Foundation to that list.

She started her foundation because she felt the need to give back. She helps individuals across the globe. Her foundation supported families in Ecuador after an earthquake, and the families eventually were able to rebuild their homes and grow crops on their land. Vaca wanted these people to have a fresh start and gain some self-sufficiency through the cultivation of the land and gardens.

Vaca has made a path for other women in business. She did not set out to become a role model, but she found that it was easy to reach out and help others.

The production prowess of Bennett Graebner

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are hugely popular TV shows. However, this would not be the case if it were not for the efforts and creativity of one Bennett Graebner. He is a renowned television and film producer who has been in the industry for some time now. Though currently residing in Los Angeles, Bennett was born in Buffalo, New York. He is currently involved in his two flagship shows as he keeps on practicing his production business for additional television content (Eonline).

Based on the producer’s creativity and ability to capture the imagination of his audiences, Bennett has, time and again, produced shows and content that end up becoming a cultural phenomenon. As such, he has managed to bag several awards in the process. Some of the notable awards thus far include the BMI Film & TV Awards, ASCAP Film and TV Awards and Teen Choice Awards. Apart from these awards, Bennett Graebner has also enjoyed massive following especially from his target audience that is between 18 and 34 years. This has seen his show receive top ratings perennially. His viewership and audience continue to rise, but he is yet to relent in his quest to offer the best he’s got. He keeps on pushing the boundaries hoping to gain a competitive advantage that will see him stay at the top as long as he could.

Talking of Bennett’s success in the TV industry, one trait that stands out is his ability to understand a story and offer a narrative flow that will resound among his audiences. He notes that as a TV producer, it is important to pay much attention to how you present your story. This is in addition to getting strong characters, plot and structure.

Bennett Graebner also reckons that for one to succeed in the field, they ought to draw their dramatic elements from real life events instead of relying on concocted imaginations that may not appeal well to the current caliber of audiences. He has always been a proponent of teamwork in the field as this helps bring together various creative minds towards achieving a common goal.

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Perry Mandera and His Path of Altruism

Perry Mandera is not the type of person to put his work on pause for anyone, but he is especially concerned with pushing forward when it comes to plans that not only benefit his business, but the rest of the world. When someone gets in the way of Perry Mandera’s effort to impact the world for the better, they will not be standing for long (TheNewsVersion).

He simply has a beautiful talent of pushing past the issues and stipulations in the world and finding the underlying beauty beneath all of that. As such, he has made this his top priority throughout is life, and he would like to ensure that this is the legacy he leaves behind. Having been involved with the transportation industry for so many years, it is safe to say that Perry Mandera is thoroughly focused on improving the state of it.

This is the reason he has devoted his life to the art. To him, business is as much an art as writing books or painting. He believes that running a business, especially within the transportation industry, takes a lot of skill. Not only that, but it takes determination. He believes that the hardest part of life is getting started. Perry Mandera as an US Marine; once you begin your course to change the state of things around you, you will likely not stop for a long time. For him, he simply had to take the first step to become involved in the transportation industry to become the change he wanted to create.

When I speak of change, it is important to understand that Perry Mandera does not believe that everything about the transportation industry needs refining. There are simply certain elements of it that he believes he could alter, and he believes if he is successful in his endeavors, he might be able to benefit the lives of everyone who has to deal with the transportation industry, consumers and employees alike. Because he has been pushing for improvement, he has garnered limitless amounts of respect from his peers, and every step he takes in his path of altruism grants him just a little more support.

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OSI Food Solutions, Leading Company in the Food Industry

When Tyson Foods announced that it would shut down its Chicago food plant in October 2016, 480 people stood to lose their employment. However, these people’s jobs were secured once again when an Aurora-based company of processed foods, OSI Food Solutions, bought the Chicago food plant for $7.4 million in June of the same year. By this time, however, only 250 employees still remained in the food plant, and most of them were offered jobs in the plant under the new management. Alison Kovaleski, OSI Food Solutions spokesperson, declined to shed light about the future plans of the plant when contacted citing the company’snon-disclosure policy about its products and customers’ information.

The company announced that the strategic position of the 200,000 square-foot facility in Chicago and its closeness to OSI Food Solutions’ facilities in the area would enable them to meet their customers’ rapidly evolving needs. The facility would be added to the company’s broad manufacturing network. OSI Food Solutions is a privately owned company and is renowned worldwide for its services. Operating in the food service industry, the company makes a vast variety of meat-based products such as bacon and breakfast sausage. Moreover, the company also deals in food products which are not meat-based for retail brands as well as other food service providers. In total, the company has operations in 16 countries having more than 60 facilities. The company is highly ranked in the business world for excellent service provision.

Why was the Chicago food plant sold?

Tyson Foods executives attributed the sale of the 200,000 square-foot facility to its limited ability in meeting the ever-changing customer needs. They, however, did not give any detailed explanation of how the plant was limited in its ability. Tyson Foods’ other two facilities in the Chicago area, however, still remain under operation. One of the facilities makes steaks while the other one has offices. The Chicago facility was previously involved in the hospitality industry in the preparation of meals such as omelettes, chicken, sauces, and crepes. OSI food solutions noted that the newly acquired plant would help in supporting their business growth by providing the necessary infrastructure needed to continue meeting the ever-evolving consumer trends.

Betterworks Promotes Positive Feedback Culture

One of the most important factors that can influence everything from employee loyalty to workforce retention rates is a company building and nurturing a feedback culture. If employees perceive feedback negatively or if it is not offered at appropriate times, they may get frustrated and quit or lose interest in the company’s success. Although many companies prioritize building a strong company culture, they do not give feedback culture the care that it deserves.

Since a negative feedback culture has so many bad possible effects, it is important to build a positive culture supported by the right tools. One option that many employers are using today is Betterworks. It is an innovative Continuous Performance Management solution that gives employers the tools they need to build and nurture a feedback culture. They can track performance metrics that give them insights into adjusting teams to maximize productivity, changing schedules to fit employee preferences, and much more. With real-time tracking and updating, companies can have regular conversations around one-on-one success planning with workers. If employees are informed about issues immediately, rather than months later as with standard performance reviews, they feel more confident.

Increased motivation and engagement  helps employees feel like they belong, and an invested employee is a valuable asset to any company. This is the message that Betterworks strives to convey through its tools that make everything from scheduling to productivity measurement simpler. Launched in 2013, the company has grown significantly and will continue its growth after a recent multi-million-dollar investment to further develop its user-friendly program.

The RealReal’s Unique Email Strategy

The online consignment shop The RealReal is stepping up its email marketing focus, already one of the best in the business. As anyone in e-commerce knows, business lives or dies by its email list. Julie Wainwright, the founder of The RealReal is aware of this. To grow the company further she’s becoming even more hyper-focused on reaching her customer base.

Most email campaigns are devoted to promoting sales or up-and-coming products. The RealReal now focuses on highlighting the impact of customers purchases on the world around them. Their customer base is comprised of consumers who love luxury goods, but want to save money and the environment by purchasing items on consignment. Julie Wainwright believes that letting customers know that they helped save the planet by buying gently used couture outfits will encourage them to buy even more. So far, she’s right.

The response from customers has been awesome. Many were unaware they helped minimize greenhouse gas emissions all while getting their Christian Dior for half-price. The ability to quantify the impact of their fashion choices on the world around them has kept The RealReal customer coming back again and again.

The business got its start in 2011 as an online storefront after the last recession hit, when fashionistas everywhere needed luxury goods for a steal. Eight years on and Julie Wainwright and her team have grown the company into a major player in online retailing. They did this by growing a loyal customer base through tried-and-true email marketing, along with a stellar selection of products. Using highly trained employees with an eye for authentic luxury goods, customers know they are buying the authentic product, instead of a counterfeit one. Every item is thoroughly inspected before shipping.

Keeping their fingers on the pulse of their shoppers is paying dividends for The RealReal. By kicking up their email game a few notches, they are succeeding where most have failed.

Smit Shah Talks About Her Fascination with Math and Science

Smit Shah, President & CEO of Spaan Tech, was recently featured in a radio interview where she revealed a lot of things concerning her professional and personal life. This article looks at her interesting story from her love for mathematics to starting a company that is now recording annual revenues of $10 million with more than 50 employees. 20 years ago, Shah started a company without caring about what would happen if it failed. She went all in knowing that if it didn’t work out, she would go on and work for someone else.


Smit Shah started the company with the plan of bringing extremely talented people together to work on great projects that would bring value to the community. She aimed at making a difference with her new venture. Going to where it all started, Smit Shah revealed that her love for math and science made her different keeping in mind the fact that she was the only girl in a number of goals who performed incredibly and loved the subjects to the moon and back. Shah worked with a few boys who loved the subjects to do math problems and made being different a normal thing. Growing up, she was the weird girl in a way but she embraced it.


Some people in her companies still mistake Shah for a marketing girl or an employee. According to the successful entrepreneur, it is normal to find people who make assumptions based entirely on your gender or looks. Some people are even surprised she has a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering from MIT. She is excited by the trend of women pursuing careers along with engineering and becoming successful. Over the past few decades, many women have particularly graduated from MIT with engineering degrees. The awareness that engineering isn’t that hard and anyone can pursue it has increased over the past years.


Smit Shah interned at White House and at the time, Indians in the US were associated with careers along with engineering or medical fields. Today, the paradigm has shifted and you can find Indians in the field of law and the real estate industry. According to Smart Shah, Math and Science are just like any other fields, only that it is a fundamental building block of your life. Engineering is a great profession for anyone to pursue. Looking back, it turned out even better because she gets to contribute to the well-being of the community through her profession.


Getting into business, it didn’t feel hard to Shah, but thinking about it now, it is complex and a real challenge. However, it is possible to start a successful career, especially in the engineering industry. She is now encouraging others including her children to get into the field and achieve their ambitions. Smit Shah is also supporting other women to achieve their ambitions. Learn more:


The New Residential Champion Michael Nierenberg

Before becoming the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company New Residential in the year 2013, Mr. Michael Nierenberg worked at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the managing director and also served the bank as the chair of their global mortgages and the products that are securitized.

Mike Nierenberg, during New Residential Annual Report in 2017, said that the objectives of the company are very different from other mortgage REITs. The dealings of the company are set in such a way that operations would not be altered when the new tax bills are implemented or when there are alterations in the latest strategies from the administration. Nierenberg’s claims have so far been proven to be true.

He had foreseen and shared in the Annual Report that the Fed, due to various administration objectives and policies, would increase the currently existing rates. The rates were raised in the year 2018 from 2.25% to 2.50%. The company, New Resident, was now able to take advantage of that hence giving them a competitive advantage since they were able to create an investment trust in the real estate business with the invaluable leadership of an experienced leader Michael Nierenberg. Even if the company was started in New York, it has established bases out of New York. It is one of the leading mortgage companies that deal with security, mortgage servicing rights, and other several opportunistic investments. The success of New Residential Investment Corporation has been contributed majorly through the leadership of Michael Nierenberg.

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Serge Belamant’s contribution to the IT Sector

Serge Belamant is a famous software developer. His activities have been significant in the expansion and development of various blockchain technologies. Belmont’s activities uniqueness has simplified the processing of events for banks and governments. He has gained a wide range of experience all through his career. He has also received many best analyst awards throughout his career.

Belamant was once at Bancorp, where he worked as a specialist in risk management research. He came up with a guideline with ten steps that helped in evaluating risk and examining how a sustainable a business is. This saw him being awarded a full membership for the RSA computer group.

Serge Belamant later joined SASWITCH where he became the manager of the IT department. He managed to design, develop, and implement a NATIONAL ATM switch. He used Stratus computers to connect to all RSA Banks. This was very successful, and SASWITCH was universally named the second largest ATM switch.

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Belamant later decided to found his own company that he named Net 1. He based the company on his previous government grants the FTS (funds transfer system). One of his achievements in this company was developing a card called The Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card. It was beneficial, as people would quickly finish transactions. The card used technology that could identify fraud. It helped in fixing payments made through cash.

Serge Belamant continued with his innovative work and managed to expand Net 1 all over the world. It was able to reach countries like Ghana, Iraq as well as Russia. RSA Government at one time contracted Net 1 to assist in grants payments in South Africa. With UEPS technology, Net 1 modernized how grants were paid. It made the payments very quickly and provided the necessary security.

Net 1 has continued to grow and has signed many deals with many countries. Serge Belamant is currently focusing on his new venture, Zilch Technology Limited. The main reason behind this venture is to help in the evolvement of the cryptocurrency market. A large number of analysts believe that Serge Belamant has brought about positive and sustainable changes to the Information Technology sector. Source: