Shocking Crystal EOS LipBalm Review

We all know first impressions are the most honest. Youtuber KaylaAnn took the opportunity to review the new Crystal EOS Lipbalm in flavor, hibiscus peach.

Kayla is familiar with EOS products as she’s done previous reviews. She highlights that this product is unique to the lip balm world. This video review focuses on packaging, ingredients, and the product itself.

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The new crystal EOS Lip Balm refrains from using any sort of wax in their new product. Specifically bee’s wax, which is commonly used in the majority of lipsticks and balms. EOS has come out with a vegan lip balm like no other. As well as it being a cruelty-free makeup product, it totes four nourishing natural oils, “creating a weightless hydration like no other.”

Some of the nourishing ingredients include coconut and avocado oil without any parabens or petroleum products ( This also creates a lip product that is hypo-allergenic, and not tested on animals. She loves and admits surprise that this product can do its job without all the regular unnatural ingredients.

Opening the cap on this unique lavender sparking case, there is a gasp of shock. A clear glistening crystal sits in its case. It is beautiful and fun to look at. First impressions indicated it looked good enough to eat. Up close and personal, it smells exactly like fresh peaches and applies extremely smooth.

This review was glowing and positive across packaging, ingredients, smell, and application, check Most important it was something new and exciting to an experienced product user. The Crystal EOS was a little more expensive than other EOS products, but this review said it was well worth it.

Jed McCaleb Working On A Single Payment System For Cryptocurrencies

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of Stellar Development Foundation. This is an organization that wants to make the cryptocurrencies industry better by making them available for use in payments systems. Currently, the company is exploring possibilities of a single payment system that will allow people to use digital currencies for payments purposes just like they would with any fiat currency. The latest initiative is aimed at making it possible to pay with any cryptocurrencies but the recipient to receive the money in any format that they may want to. You can use bitcoin to pay a seller who wants to receive the payment in US dollar.

Jed McCaleb is optimistic that the research work that the company is currently engaged in will make the cryptocurrencies more acceptable as people will have options for using it. Currently, the biggest challenge with digital currencies is that they do not have a payment system that can allow people to transact freely. Jed McCaleb projects that by 2028, there will be a hybrid system based on blockchain technology that will integrate various currencies and traditional assets. Currently, Stellar is working closely with large banking institutions which will facilitate transactions in the single payment system it is introducing.

According to, The biggest challenge in any kind of online transaction is security. People want to know that the system cannot be hacked and their money stolen. Jed McCaleb says that the system will be utilizing a “trust system” which will allow machine s to connect with trustable machines. Unlike bitcoin which is utilizing mining technology where computers running on high power consumption are used to complete complex mathematics, Stellar will only need machines to trust one another. The algorithm is still being tested so that it offers unlimited access to users.

Jed McCaleb has a history in the cryptocurrencies industry. He joined after the invention of the bitcoin. He has been behind a number of innovations. One of the popular ones is Mt. Gox which was an exchange system that allowed people to transact bitcoin without requiring a second party. It was the first centralized system. Unfortunately, it was hacked in 29014 after he had sold.

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Waiakea Water Is Life Unto Itself.

Waiakea epitomizes the fact that water is life. This is what Ryan Emmons, CEO intended gives from when he established the company in June 2012.

The man is not a magician but he discovered the true benefit of Mauna Loa. Standing 33,000 feet, the tallest mountain in the world has a fountain of water that originates from aquifer Kea’ou. The 30-day journey helps the water collect life enriching minerals from the active mountain.

Waiakea water pH is 8.8 and a tds of 79 which is unlike any water in the world. The minerals include; sodium, magnesium, potassium, and silica. The volcanic water benefits include; balanced pH, hydration, and treatment of acid influx. Silica in the water is at 32mg/L more than required 30mg/L which helps reverse aging and risk of Alzheimer.

The USC Marshall graduate is a man that appreciates healthy and natural living. Having lived in both California and Hawaii he decided to follow his passion and developed the concept of Volcanic water from his family accessibility to the 1.38 billion gallons a day fountain.

The company’s great effort has seen it become the first water and beverage company to be certified as carbon neutral. The partnership with Carbon neutral and Ecometrica, has seen it reduce its carbon emissions to zero. They have done this using RPET bottles that are also BPA free reducing the carbon footprint by almost 90% and by using the empty spaces in large ships to reduce carbon footprints. Waiakea Bottles has also maintained its originality to 0.59mg/L and still won the best Volcanic Bottles Water label.

Waiakea water does not only boasts of its sweet life purifying water but also on the philanthropic activities they do. They participate in raising millions for charities and taking part in Eco-friendly campaigns. They also pledged to give 650 gallons of clean water to needy people around the world that have no access to clean water, for every liter of Waiakea Volcanic water bought.

These among other things make this company a life giver and to top it all the water gives life to the body and even nourishes the body enough to slow down aging. Truly, Waiakea water is life unto itself.

Jim Toner Reveals Entrepreneurs Need to Push Through Thinking and Get to Doing More

Jim Toner’s recent interview with IdeaMensch, a website dedicated to providing interviews with successful entrepreneurs to help others succeed, reveals the real estate mogul’s keys to success.

Jim Toner has been in the real estate investment industry for nearly 25 years and he is dedicated to bringing all the lessons he has learned (including the lessons from his large failures) to the table. He is the author of several popular books on entrepreneurship and real estate investing and he is also a dedicated speaker. He has traveled around the country speaking with popular entrepreneurs like Bill Barman, Frank McKinney, and Sharon Lechter.

People will often invest between $2,000 and $15,000 to get his advice on real estate investing. They are willing to do so because they understand the impact that real estate investing can have on their lives. With his “12 Little Houses Plan” and private coaching, Jim Toner reveals how real estate investing can lead to the financial freedom that many have always dreamed of.

However, Jim Toner also recognizes that the failures are often as important as the successes and he is no stranger to failure himself. After going from making nearly a million dollars a year, complete with mansion and extravagant cars, he was forced to declare bankruptcy. After struggling, he was able to build his business back up and he wants to show entrepreneurs how to do it too.

He recognizes that one of the biggest things holding entrepreneurs back is the tendency to spend the majority of their time thinking about a business idea rather than implementing it. The time wasted on thinking rather than testing out ideas and possibilities leads them to start thinking about what would happen if it didn’t work out. Often, if an entrepreneur reaches that point they will quit and miss out on the successes they could have had if they simply pushed through the obstacles.

The reality of the life of an entrepreneur is one that is a mixed bag of challenges and successes. Jim Toner reveals that the successes often won’t come without going through the possible failures first. It’s part of the reason why he calls his team the “Band of Rebels”. Each member of his team has experienced the real-world of entrepreneurship, one complete with obstacles and difficulties. However, it was their grit and their dedication to succeeding that allowed them to succeed. Toner also looks for the same dedication in his clients.

One of the interesting revelations in the interview however is that Jim Toner doesn’t believe work is always the answer. Working all day, all night, likely leads to burnout which is not good for the business or the individual. It’s why he suggests working out and reading to keep the body and the mind in balance.

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Enjoy the Flavors of EOS Lip Balms

When Evolution of Smooth was founded, their goal was to bring joy and moisture to the lip balm industry. They set out to delight with their lip balm packaging, creating a whimsical sphere shape that had not been seen before in the cosmetics aisle. Not only was their packaging unique, their wide variety of flavors set them apart from other lip balm companies (Allure). Evolution of Smooth lip balms don’t just moisturize, but give customers a complete nourishing experience for all the senses. Style Craze broke down their top picks of the 10 best EOS lip balm flavors in their recent article for spring skin care.

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Style Craze had a huge variety of flavors to choose from but managed to pick out 10 delicious flavors. Some of the standouts are the Pomegranate Raspberry, which comes in a matching crimson case which smells like opening up a real pomegranate. The Summer Fruit flavor is perfect for warmer months, with exotic flavors to nourish and treat those dry summer lips. Coming in at number 5, Sweet Mint is a refreshing treat for the lips. This salve, with its natural extracts, is a delight for mint lovers. For those looking to protect as well as moisturize, Lemon Drop is the perfect match with its SPF 15 formula. Protect your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun while moisturizing with a fresh lemon flavor. See if your favorite flavor made the cut!


First Equities Holdings

First Equities Holdings Australia is one of the main legs of their company as they frequently work with companies all over the country to help business owners, and individuals fund their projects. When First Equities Holdings Australia develops a transaction they are there for the client in every way that they can be as they do extensive counseling before the loan, and are there as support, and a financial friend in a sense during the repayment process as First Equities Holdings wants more than just the loan paid back they want to see the client succeed at their goal and advance their life in a way that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

Recently the company has done a quite large transaction with one of Australia’s biggest company’s the environmental clean technologies company. This company is trying to expand clean energy all over Australia as they know the importance of having clean renewable energy to support not just their country but the world. Thanks to the transaction the company will be able to greatly expand at a rapid pace over the years and thus will keep up with the demand for the clean energy sources in Australia.

Why the Elite Surfers Go to Nihiwatu

The best surfers are picky about where they can go for the best action. If you ask them where they can go in Indonesia, they’ll tell you all about Nihiwatu. This remote island is known for it’s rock formations along the beach, but what the surfers know about this spot is different than what other travelers know to be true about the island and the resort. What draws the surfers is the 20 foot break in the waves, what most surfers long for in a trip on the water.

Nihiwatu, on the southwest coast, is now the #1 hotel in the world according to the readers of the Travel and Leisure magazine. This beach, a half moon shape has two reefs that have served as protection from storms and the like. White colored sand, much like what you hear about in Destin, Florida, adds a rare grace and beauty to the island. It was in the late 80’s when the Graves Family built a hotel that would cater to the surfers that would come from around the world. While looking for help to expand the hotel, Chris Burch and James McBride were ready to jump in and turn the hotel into something better (

The resort was remodeled in 2015 once the purchase was finalized with McBride and Burch as partners, creating the place that would attract those desiring solitude and the natural beauty of the island. The resort is now the largest employer on the island, making it the ideal location for a vacation, as well as to take on employment. Additionally, the Sumba Foundation, partnered with these entrepreneurs, combining funds to give back to the community through humanitarian aid. The goal is to preserve the culture of the island, while remaining focused on creating the true vacation experience.

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Clay Hutson a Passion for Music

The Entrepreneurial Side of Music

After graduation, he worked in live entertainment for several years and gained valuable experience that would later help him start his own production company. He was happy to have worked with Billy Graham organization and travel throughout Europe. His love for Rock n’ Roll always remained with him in those early years. During the years of the recession, Clayton Hutson was having some difficulty with the people he was working for and rather than turning to another industry he decided to take a leap out into the world of music and establish himself thru his entrepreneurial skills. He was happy to realize that the world received him and quickly give him opportunities to prove himself as a music producer and Production Manager.


Creating New Business

When asked how he can create new business, ClaytonHutson responds by saying a lot of his business comes from the referrals he receives from the people he has worked with in the past and who are still in touch with himself. Most of his success in those earlier days are still paying off thru the referrals he receives from those relationships that were formed in earlier times. It’s a pretty mall group of people who do this kind of work, which is stage design, sound engineering, live production and rigging services. There is also a lot of logistics in setting up the crew, the stage, the meetings with staff and artist throughout a tour.


Paid Services

There are a thousand and one things a production manager has to have his fingertips on at all times such as the sound and its production. Before the show goes on, there is staging and rigging that needs to be done. Video and audio need to be coordinated as well as setting acoustics. All of this falls within the are of the Production Manager.


Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a native of Nashville, TN. He had always found his motivation and inspiration in music, even when he was a kid. Clay Hutson obtained a Bachelor’s in Theater Design. Later he completed an MBA at the Ross School of Business. Ross Business School is one of the top ten MBA programs in the nation and ranks #7 overall.

Clayton Hutson has worked with many successful artists during the next few years. Kid Rock, P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, One Republic, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their Soul2Soul: World Tour, and Halsey. Learn more:

How Jim Toner Influenced People’s Perception About Investing in Real Estate

Jim Toner is perhaps one of the most successful real-estate investor that denies the “code” of real estate investing. From his work ethic to the kind of books he produces, Jim Toner has set his heart to helping people. To begin with, he is a philanthropist of several charities like Frank and Nilsa Caring house project, which are helping both veterans and the homeless. Second, Jim Toner spends most of his time coming up with podcasts, seminars and materials that help people grasp everything concerning real-estate investments. Besides, Jim Toner has been in the industry for the past 25 years and has a reputation all of the country due to his seminars.

His Work Ethic

Jim Toner’s success is attributed to several things, but one of the most influential things is his gym routine. Jim wakes up very early to go the gym where his ideas are ‘birthed.’ He takes some considerable amount of time to exercise which he states has been a big help to his fitness and business life. But since Jim Toner also loves reading, he tries to integrate his reading schedule in his fitness session.

After gym, Jim Toner heads over to the studio to come up with podcast ideas. Once the ideas come to mind, he gets started with recording some of them. Once in a while, he responds to some of his clients request concerning personal coaching on real estate investments.

Unlike most entrepreneurs, Jim does not agree with the 24/7 work ethics. He believes resting is important. In fact, he takes a nap every afternoon for 30 minutes just to refresh his mind. In addition, Jim Toner does not have fixed routines. Jim prefers getting started on anything and go with the flow without forcing himself on something that doesn’t work at all.

Jim’s Advice to New Investors in Real Estate

Having 25 years of experience in real estate has left Jim with a vast experience in the field. In fact, most of his works including podcasts and books like The Consumer Guide to Investment Real Estate are full of valuable information concerning real-estate investments.

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Alexandre Gama Is A Great Marketing Executive

     12 years ago, in 2006, Alexandre Gama started his run as one of the most often-awarded advertising executives across the entirety of the continent of South America. That year, Mr. Alexandre Gama was one of the few people nominated for the class of seven important business professionals considered the most crucial to the success of the Brazilian economy over the past 50 years. About magazine has brought together 250 business professionals across the country of Brazil to see who would make the list – to absolutely nobody’s surprise, Alexandre Gama made the list of seven professionals thought to be monumental to the success of the Brazilian economy.

That same year, he was named the “Agency Director of the Year” by the Propaganda Professionals Association, an award that is only given out once per year by the APP – the Propaganda Professionals Association – which is made up of all the best advertisers in Brazil.